Bristol-tally awesome.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Okay, it wasn’t that awesome but when I went to Bristol some time last year (in early December) for a debate competition, I decided to stay over for an extra day to do a little travelling along the way. And as my first sort of ‘within-UK’ travel trip, I’d say it went really well thanks to my lovely hosts..

DSC_0352Boon Seng and King! Smile 

I felt like Alice in Wonderland in the big land of Bristol, where trees seemed to grow too tall and fences seemed a little too high.

Even when the tree’s been chopped down, it’s still so big. D:


Why are their fences so large?!

How does anyone ever ask for information?? Surprised smile 

And okay, fine. I’m not going to question dinosaurs but it really doesn’t make sense how everything in Bristol seems so large!

As you can probably tell by now, I love being in photos! Unless you’re the patient sort who enjoys taking pictures of the same person over and over again, you’d probably get annoyed with me more than a few times when we’re on a trip, especially since I insist on manually adjusting the focus points on my camera. Smile with tongue out 

And so, kudos to Boon Seng, a friend of 9 years who so patiently figured out how to use my camera and very kindly became my photographer and tourguide for the day. Heh.

For those thinking of travelling to Bristol, it really is a nice place! Rather than the flatness of London, you get uphills and downhills all over town, which although exhausting when running to the train station in fears of missing your train, is pretty good for your calves overall! Smile with tongue out 

In a nutshell, it’s a mostly urban city, almost London-like, but with pockets of nature scattered about and a river running through.

At the Clifton Suspension Bridge at night.

Where attempting to play with light photography result in a disaster without warm hands and a tripod.

I can’t help it if my hands shake because I’m shivering! Disappointed smile 

By the bridge in the day! Open-mouthed smile 

With the worry that some people have been working or studying too hard, this sign is posted along the bridge for those who are in need of a chat.. it’s better than going ‘splat’.


To be honest, the scenery was pretty dull, but it’s probably due to the time of year where trees were withering and the skies were dark.

It was still mostly autumn though which at the moment, is my favourite season! The trees have colours we don’t get back home and it was so exciting being able to see the orange leaves everywhere!!

DSC_0313 DSC_0267

Ahh, autumn. Back when I could just wear a coat and be alright! Just about two months ago, I was complaining of the cold then. But now.. I wear a thick puffy winter coat every day!

This picture was taken days ago! DO NOT LET THE SUN FOOL YOU, MY FRIENDS!

It is not by any means warm. It is only in that coat that I feel adequately protected from the frigid wind.. although to be fair, I have the cold tolerance of alpacas, which isn’t very high according to a news report I read recently of 250,00 of them freezing to death…



Boon Seng and me! He had to bend down so much just to take a photo with me. And I’m not exactly very small.. Imagine how tall he must be!

Back to my autumn love!

Don’t those leaves look so amazing to run through? Or jump in? Or mess up? Or throw in the air, at least?

Because that’s exactly what I tried to do..


But my face..


Was covered..


In every single one!!!!!!!!!

My love affair with leaves promptly ended there, and after about an hour’s worth of walking to a Christmas market, we stumbled across some reindeer in the woods.


Nom nom nom.


To be honest, the Christmas market was really lame. We didn’t get anything except a piece of bread, and that was only because we got hungry after the long walk. Heh. Eye rolling smile

There wasn’t really much to do that would take less than a day to get by so we decided to take a visit to the University of Bristol and the Bristol Museum!

A photo with a random garage, in which I realized that I have abnormally long thumbs. Don’t they look rather weird here??

I take so many pictures when I travel because there’s something very special about doing ordinary things in a new place. May it be walking along streets or just having a meal, when you’re travelling, that’s a travelling meal and that’s a tourist walk. At least for me, I find myself appreciating each moment a little more acutely as than I would if I were to live there all the time. As macabre as it sounds, I feel that I am one that is only really satisfied or appreciative at the idea of loss, and that I really only enjoy travelling so much because I feel that it’s something I won’t be able to experience on a normal basis.

Which brings me a new thought! Rather than worry about the impermanence of all, would it not be better to embrace its fragility and relish the transient state of things? At least in that way, it is a holiday again and I’m once again a tourist in a new land, where simple things still hold power to amaze and captivate? How often does one get to dine in London, the heart of Britain? Studying is one thing, but studying in an intercollegiate hall where Mick Jagger once walked the hallways, isn’t that another?

Hmm. I find that I think more when I type because it forces me to really listen to the voice in my head, and I’m sure this is no novel idea, but I’m pretty pleased with this newly discovered perspective! Open-mouthed smile Even the fact that I’m blogging on my bed that’s in the heart of Central London is completely amazing!! Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile 

Ahh, but I digress too much!



Ah, before I headed back to London, we squeezed in a little visit to the Bristol Museum, which has free entry to all.


I look like a school kid on a field trip.

And.. no, that is not creepy in the slightest. =/

The best part of the museum was probably the natural sciences part, with its dinosaur bones and stuffed animals which would be sure to tickle any taxidermists’ fancy.


The stupidest bird in the world! That’s the one in the middle, in case any of you start making any mean jokes about me. Smile with tongue outOr Boon Seng! Smile with tongue out 


Yes, King. Keep that hand hovered high!

My trip to Bristol ended in an absolute frenzy, with a mad rush to the train station, with a route that led us running past the Bristol Cathedral (checked off my tourist list, woohoo!) and leaving me to board the train two minutes before it left the station. Phew! Flirt male

I plan to see the UK, one weekend at the time and although right now, I’m swamped with law work, have been busy working on Malaysia Night, an event most Malaysia Clubs in UK from their respective universities host, and am sick with a bloody flu (literally! – I sneeze and cough out a fair amount of blood), I had the pleasure of dropping by Coventry last week to surprise Baby J for her birthday, which was another fun occasion. Open-mouthed smile I’ll try to blog about it as soon as I can because I really do love blogging! After all, I’ve been doing it for almost 9 years!

SO OKAY YEAH, that was Bristol.

It had nature and it was modern. It wasn’t very large and I wouldn’t spend more than a weekend there, but it’s definitely somewhere worth going. If you’re planning on going, it’s pretty near Bath (which I’ve been to before when I was much younger) and Stonehenge so you could consider giving those places a peep as well. Smile 

TOODLES! Open-mouthed smile

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