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Sunday, February 16, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a yummy place I’ve been to and to be honest, I haven’t been the best foodie around. When I get good food, I get lazy to blog and when I’m hardworking enough to bring my camera and game face out, the food isn’t much to shout about.

But when Kok Weng came over for a visit from Sheffield, and Baby J was around London as usual (she’s here so often, you’d think she studies here! Smile with tongue out), what better opportunity than to take them to Eat Tokyo, a place I’ve been to once before and thoroughly enjoyed.

My friends are so attractive! What can I say? Birds of a feather flock together. Winking smile 

To think they used to fight all the time. Smile with tongue out 

Hi, Kok Weng! Open-mouthed smile 

A short walk away from International Hall and Holborn, Eat Tokyo is not particularly remarkable in its exterior, but the moment you enter the store, you get greeted by a row of fresh sashimi and a grinning Japanese chef behind the counter. Both of the times I’ve been there, I was seated below where it is spacious and well-lit. And the service is pretty good too! Smile But enough about the atmosphere, let’s talk about the food!

If you have ever been to Yo! Sushi (which I do not recommend!!! LIKE STAY AWAYY NO NO NO NO I DON’T LIKE ITTTT!!) and tried the katsu curry there (which again, I do not recommenddddd!!!), this is miles and miles above it. Costing just 6.50pounds for this huge huge plate, I think it’s such a bargain! And there’s an option of either pork or chicken. Smile 


I held up my phone as a comparison to show its size, hehehe. And this is the ‘regular sized’ option. For the big eaters, there’s a double sized portion under 10 pounds! Haven’t tried that option though because this fills me up just fine. And if you wanna use Wasabi as a comparison (with its katsu curry costing 5.45 pounds), I find that Wasabi’s a little more heaty and the sauce isn’t as authentic as the one here.


Jocelyn got the tempura set for 11 pounds and she liked it as well. I got to try an eggplant tempura and it wasn’t too oily, which was great! They don’t serve it with the dipping sauce though but will provide it if you ask for it.


And here’s Kok Weng’s teriyaki chicken bento set. With a side of miso soup, agedashi tofu, some sushi rolls and a salad, I’d say it’s a pretty good use of 9 pounds.

But that’s not the best part. What I really really enjoyed about my meal was this roll: the Hyper roll!


It won an award too! ^


Each sushi is an amazing bite of salmon, eel, prawn, and ebiko! It is definitely the best I’ve ever had but the price’s a little steep at 14 pounds per roll so probably only get this if you’re feeling particularly indulgent. The salmon was smooth, the eel was delicious, the prawn was fresh and had just enough bite, whilst the flavours of mayo with a hint of wasabi went so incredibly well with it!

They do have other roll options ranging from 8 pounds to 14 pounds so you could always opt for cheaper options, but if you wanna try an award-winning roll at a place with relatively affordable yet authentic Japanese food, I’m pretty happy with Eat Tokyo. Smile 

PS: I’ve tried another roll there before but wasn’t very pleased with it. I think it was the prawn roll and the rice felt warm and not sticky enough for me so bear that in mind as well!

Update 15/4/14: I headed back to Eat Tokyo and whilst their bento sets and other dishes were as amazing as ever, their Hyper Roll was disappointing with much smaller portions and with the pieces not as well put together. Could be an off-day for them but I’ve heard from other friends that it isn’t as good now either. Sad smile


    50 Red Lion Street

    High Holborn


    WC1R 4PF


    020 7242 3490


    Opening Times
    Monday - Saturday: 12:00am - 3:30pm, 6:00pm-11:30pm

    Sunday: Closed

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  1. You should try Novikov. The Asian menu of course.

    1. Oooh, fancy website! Haha thanks for the recommendation. :D If I have an occasion to celebrate, I'll take a look. :)

  2. Kimchee at Holborn is not bad too if ur into Korean food? :)

    1. Haha! I'm just drafting a post about that place. :P

  3. Do they serve the bento boxes for dinner too?

    1. Yikes, so sorry just saw this! And yeah, they do! :) The post above was when I went for dinner. :)


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