Let’s Talk Snacks.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Oh, how I’ve missed you, my dear blog! Now that Easter break is finally here, I can devote some time to you..

Rather than fill you up with thoughts and pictures, I have foolishly spent my time watching Korean dramas and napping more than 6 times a day in an attempt to recuperate from a viral infection… only to fall sick again with something else immediately after! Do you see what this distance does to me?


Crying face

I may seem dramatic now, but you have to understand that this distance is a legitimate problem! Sad smile I end up with so many thoughts and pictures that I want to post that they start spilling out to random people who strike conversation with me! At one point, I even started sending multiple pictures of EVERYTHING to my friends on Whatsapp because I had this need to share my life. It isn’t even blogger narcissism where I expect people to care.. it’s just that I felt if I didn’t say something, I would just burst with updates!!

And now that I actually took the time out to blog.. hahahah, I choose to blog about something so incredibly non-momentous..


I don’t know about you, but I feel like a huge part about being overseas is the snacking! We finally get to go to a country where chocolate doesn’t melt immediately when you hold them between your fingers and the snacks stored in your room are entirely of your own choosing! It’s exciting stuff. Open-mouthed smile 
But just to shake things up even more and be wild and unpredictable.. Here’s a cute puppy!


Look at those pleading, imporing eyes and those cute paws and pointy ears! I can just imagine its tail wagging enthusiastically! Ahhh, squeal with me, please.

And now.. without further ado..


I have to confess that I snack a LOT in the UK. At home, you have a whole house that belongs to you. Where you can lounge around in your pyjamas and it isn’t a problem if you have your legs up on the sofa (unless your mom comes home early)! You can nap anywhere you like too! But when you’re living in halls.. your room is your whole house. If I ever wanted to snack at home, the kitchen just seemed so far away! 

Opening the fridge here and seeing something you like isn’t the same as having your mom restock the fridge with groceries. Psft, apparently if you take something, they have silly words for it.. like ‘theft’ or ‘stealing’. Hmph.

As a result, you end up storing everything in your cupboards and drawers at a nice arm’s stretch away.. And well, in the stomach they go!

I had a lot more snacks before this but these are the ones still around that’s a little more unique! Open-mouthed smile 


Orange Kit Kat! It isn’t just Japan with the wacky flavours, okay! There’s dark chocolate here (which is pretty good) as well! But as cool as orange Kit Kat sounds, I just really cannot bring myself to love the orange-chocolate combination. D:


With Easter on its way, these creme eggs have been really popular, especially with kids! LOL this is starting to be a ‘list of snacks I don’t like’ but it is super super sweet and sickly and just really awful if you don’t have a lot of water with you. I’ve seen kids pop three in a row without a problem though so it’s probably a personal preference but.. SICKLY SWEET!


Okay.. I’m VERY pleased with these! Chocolate bars from Ikea for 50p each! And it’s really really good chocolate too. I’m a gigantic fan of dark chocolate and I can sit in my room for hours with a whole bar and polish it off. Heh. The milk chocolate is pretty good as well! Just plain ol’ lovable chocolate. They come with almonds too, I think but I’m boring when it comes to chocolate choice.


Jaffa Cakes! More orange and chocolate.. Eek! If you’re a fan of this combination, then you’d probably like it but I am REALLY not a fan. In fact, I’m willing to give this away to you hahaha just lemme know if you’re in LSE and want a box of Jaffa Cakes. Smile with tongue out 


And onto more lovable things! Maltesers hot chocolate.. That come with cups! Perfect for the lazy person in all of us. Open-mouthed smile There’s already a cup attached filled with hot chocolate powder so all you have to do is pull out a cup, pour in some water, and Bob’s your uncle! I think is amazing because not only do you get a nice frothy cup of hot chocolate with just the right ratio, you don’t have to clean up afterwards as well!

Haha, is my laziness too apparent in this post? Smile with tongue out 


I’m not sure if they have Time Out back home but I love these! They’re a nice alternative to Kit Kat when I’m looking to snack on chocolate.. but not entirely chocolate.. and biscuits just seem too filling so a wafer seems about right. But not two! Just one.. and tadah! You get a Time Out! Open-mouthed smile 

Unless I stated the price, I got all of the above for 1 pound. 

There’s always discounts and promotions so it is really easy to find yourself going out for a drink, and coming back with three packs of chocolate. Eye rolling smile At least.. I hope that’s the case for everyone else too!!


I got a pack of these from Germany too and have been religiously munching on them whenever I study. In an act of absolutely nonsensical rebellion, I ate a couple of these when I was sick with my sorethroat and.. well, didn’t recover for very very long.

Don’t do that.

Learn from my mistakes, friends.

These aren’t all the snacks I have in here but the rest are just ordinary Maltesers or Twix bars so I didn’t post them up. My addiction to sugar is starting to become a problem though. I’ve even started squeezing honey down my throat which, initially for medical throat-soothing purposes, become more for enjoyment than anything else.

LOL, don’t do that either.

As for snacks from Malaysia.. There are a couple which keep me company too!


Look for these! They are tiny and absolutely delicious, perfect for light munching. They come in both chocolate and original, but I adore the original one to bits! Open-mouthed smile 


Besides the normal yellow packeted Maggi Mee, thanks to my aunt, I’ve discovered this and am in love with it! The Tom Yam flavour is sour and spicy and so appetizing! Pop in an egg and you have a yummy, but extremely unhealthy meal.


For those who like a substantial kick, Shin Ramyum noodles are the best! They’re pretty expensive though. I bought this pack of 5 from Malaysia for RM15 I think but the portion is huge and I’ve always finished every bowl with satisfaction. Open-mouthed smile 


And as a student overseas, sometimes you just have those days where porridge is the only answer.. but for whatever reason, you don’t make your own. I’ve found Knor’s Bubur Nasi to be really really really good for instant porridge. It’s really the best I’ve ever had. (Best I’ve ever had, there’s no turning backkk *fades away*)


When you first mix it with water, it looks a little like this. Watery and unappetizing. But the magic happens when you let it settle for about two minutes. Stir it every now and then.. 


And you get this thick gloopy yummy porridge! As you can see, I got a little carried away with the stirring and it spilled out of my bowl, heh.

Well, that’s it!

To be honest, I feel really content right now, having written this post. It isn’t much but taking the time to write something for non-academic purposes can be so therapeutic.

As for my personal life, there’s a fair share of busy that comes with being a law student (loads of essays, reading, and supposedly, thinking) and there’s a fair share of busy that comes with being a DebateMate mentor.

Photo Mar 20, 3 36 26 PM

Please excuse my weird chicken arms. Haha but the kids in my class are really enthusiastic and whenever I ask a question, loads of them would get their hands up to answer. Such a nice feeling. Open-mouthed smile 

Photo Mar 20, 3 36 57 PM (1)

Less chicken-ny. They’re about 11-13 years of age, which is Lower Secondary here.

Photo Mar 20, 8 20 48 PM

With the other mentors, Lewis and Alex. Alex is deliberately putting on a ridiculous face so HA, serves you right, I’m putting this online.

Photo Mar 20, 5 31 49 PM

I have my last session soon though which makes me sad.. but am contemplating continuing for another year.. We’ll see! D:

In between the work, we squeezed in some time for play as well! A couple of us went to watch S Club 7 (or what’s left of them) perform live!

Yep, that’s them! ^ 

They were such a hot group back then with ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ and ‘Reach’ so when we found out tickets were under 10 pounds.. how could we say no?

Photo Mar 04, 10 44 21 PM

Photo Mar 04, 10 41 35 PM

It was a human sardine can though and my foot got trampled on so badly it bruised for a week! I didn’t regret the outing at all however, and gleefully sang S Club songs to myself for days after. Open-mouthed smile 

Photo Mar 01, 3 19 52 PM

Got a taste of God’s best with the blue skies and newly-bloomed flowers, so it’s been really wonderful so far.

Photo Feb 26, 3 16 05 PM

I even slot in a few debate competitions! There was Manchester IV (where I did terribly, but did a lot of fun travelling hahah), UCL IV (which I left early because I felt so ill), and Royal Holloway Open (which was really fun because it had OPEN motions, meaning you’d only know what motion you’re debating once the first speaker says it. You basically have 7 minutes to prepare your whole case!)

Photo Feb 21, 10 50 26 AM

At Manchester terminals! Will blog about this too because it was fun! Open-mouthed smile 

Speaking of debates, I tried to be a little more lawyer-like by volunteering for a class moot with Craig. Hahah, it definitely is not as intense as a real moot since we didn’t have to prepare skeleton arguments and we were all novices, but it was interesting to apply debate skills to the texts we’ve been studying in university.

Photo Mar 10, 12 12 12 PM

Yay, won our moot!

Besides that, I’ve been working on the LSESUMC website too.


Give it a visit and give it some love, okay! There are Facebook like buttons you can click. Open-mouthed smile You can access it here.

We’ve even put up study tips from our president so you can take a look at that too! Open-mouthed smile 

Till next time!
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