Preppy in Blue

Monday, March 31, 2014
If I’m not in front of the camera, then put me behind it!

The day wasn’t particularly nice, and we weren’t particularly prepared, but when Jocelyn and I saw how good the guys we were having lunch with looked, how could we say no to a shoot?

So we have our Korean superstar..

And the resident bad boy.

We shot without much of a theme but as the day went by, the poses got increasingly cringe-worthy and Korean drama-like.

Sorry, Baby J! I added drama to your photo to make you look more like the ‘bad girl’.

In contrast to innocent ol’ me! Hahahahahaha, omg. 

HAHA, okay now that you’ve met the cast, lemme attempt to fabricate some sort of story.

Once upon a time there lived a group of 3 friends who wore matching clothing and were happy and cheery!

They were inseparable and um.. always spent time together!

THEN, in a park with extremely bizzare flowers, one of them got a girlfriend from outside the group of friends. Let’s call her Kimchee.

Now.. these two guys were perfectly comfortable hanging out alone without the other girl (me!) called.. Bong. LOL.

But because Kimchee and Lee (HAHAH) were dating, the three of them found themselves spending a lot of time together and formed a close friendship.

Whilst the guys didn’t change the way they treated Bong, she felt as though she was no longer part of the group.. Kimchee just seemed so unfriendly.

So Bong went crazy and became incredibly possessive! She tried to show Kimchee that she knew these boys better and that they were her’s.


But Lee wasn’t too happy about that and was steadfastly loyal to Kimchee!


LOL, this will be.. Tan. HAHA. But Tan was very supportive however and continued to offer his friendship!


But because of her insecurities, Bong felt as though they were slipping away and became increasingly territorial! HAHAHA oh dear.

Jo & I
To Kimchee, Bong was a horrible person! Whereas to Bong, Kimchee was an inconsiderate intruder, spoiling her happiness!

Eventually however, because Tan continued to befriend both Bong and Lee, and Lee was very dedicated to his relationship, Kimchee and Bong had no choice but to be friends.

Very close friends. HAHAHAH!

The end.


Happy ending. Haha, I’m sorry I had to put you through that horrible story, but I couldn’t leave such a wonderful pictorial story without a narration! Smile with tongue out 

As for the technical stuff, shot these with a Nikon D5000 and a 35mm f/1.8 fixed lens. Smile 

Shooting with friends is really fun because you can be as creative as you like or as boring as you like and it would be perfectly alright! London is a scenic place and with the reduced humidity, you’re not as likely to get your hair sweaty as you would if you did an outdoor shoot in Malaysia. I’m going to try to maximize this place as much as I can and plan to do something like this every now and then! Smile 

HAHA, I will now leave you with this Behind The Scenes shot which made me laugh so much!

So unglam! Smile with tongue out

PS: Will be blogging about more food places in London for under a tenner, some burger joints I’ve been to and liked, travel posts from my trip to the US last year (will just churn them out to completion!) and posts on Manchester and Coventry! 

Don’t know when they’ll come up but at least a list keeps me on track! Winking smile
9 comments on "Preppy in Blue"
  1. OH MY GEE GEE, the story you created through the photo-shoots sound so damn dramatic lo. HAHAHA... XD

    1. Hahahha I got a little bit carried away. :P Hahah but I guess it makes it more interesting when there's a story, right?

    2. yeah, but quite too much. hehehe... ;P

  2. All of you look very stylish! ;)

    1. Hahah thanks! I think it's because we get the chance to layer up here! :)

  3. hahaha nice k-drama story btw

    1. Hahahah, I'm so full of nonsense. And thank you! ;)


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