6 Places to Eat in London Under £10

Monday, April 14, 2014

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Spring is here!

Understandably, as someone who blogs a lot about food, I get asked to recommend places to eat quite often. More often than not, people look for quality + good prices, and whilst that isn’t too hard a task if you’ve got 10 pounds on you, after a while, you do find yourself frequenting a place one time too many and get stuck in this horrible rut of ‘there? again?’.

I’ve blogged about Kimchee for Korean food, Siam Central for Thai food, Old Town 97 for Chinese food, and Koya for Japanese udon, all of which can feed you well under 10 pounds (if you order right!) but.. is there more?

So, whilst this may not be the BEST places to eat in London, these are some of the places I’ve enjoyed meals at without breaking the bank and hope you do too! Open-mouthed smile 

1. Belgo


Now here’s a place known for its mussels! Served in either white wine or a tomato base, I’ve always enjoyed a serving here because when you bite into one, juice just oozes out!


However, the serving can be quite inconsistent and some days you bet pathetically tiny helpings in gigantic shells. Sad smile They do come with a side of fries though which should definitely help fill you up! Smile 

Had their King Prawn to help stuff us a little more as an appetizer but it was so small and didn’t quite do the trick. But, it was delicious and fresh so at least that gave a general good impression of the seafood at Belgo! Smile


They have lunch promotions which are half a kilo of mussels with a side of fries and a drink for about 8 pounds, and  a Monday deal that’s 10 pounds for any mussel dish with a drink on the side! I think that includes a full kilo of mussels. AND, there’s a Beat The Clock promotion from 5-6.30pm, where whatever time you order a main between those times on a weekday, you pay that price! For example, if I show up at 6.10pm, then I pay 6pounds 10p for my meal! Smile Don’t know if there are any other promotions but you could always check their website for branch locations and other promotions!


2. China House

Craving for Chinese food but every other place has been frequented far too many times and you don’t quite want to head back to Chinatown? China House could do the trick!


For lunch, they have a ‘set menu’ that comes with a bowl of soup (not those creamy Western ones, no! More of those clear carrot-peppered, chicken chunks filled ones your mom used to make at home) and a main dish for under 7 pounds.



Their food is simple and straightforward so it really is no-frills dining, with presentation not considered whatsoever.


My duck curry rice. Which I actually really enjoyed although I could’ve used a little more duck.

En Leang’s black pepper beef noodles.. I think.

Came with Baby J another time and stuffed ourselves with fried rice! The servings are big so you won’t have to worry about the portion not being enough.

Beef fried rice? Uhh.. Not as appetizing.

Special fried rice? This, I liked.

I wouldn’t put China House on the top of any list but if I was in the area and the line for Hare & Tortoise looks too daunting, China House is a safe bet for comfort food to remind you (slightly, just slightly) of home.

3. Hare & Tortoise

Brunswick’s pride and joy, the ever culturally confused Hare & Tortoise is a place you have to be prepared to line up for. It serves a fusion of Malaysian-Japanese food with the likes of Penang Curry Laksa and Chicken Katsu Curry making an appearance. Personally, if I wanted Japanese food, I’d just walk a little further for Eat Tokyo, but if you’re with a group that just can’t make up their minds and want a variety of choice, then H&T is the place to be!

Their chicken curry with rice is good with the customary potatoes and coconut milk taste you’d get from home. It could use a spicier kick but I suppose it has been adjusted for local palettes. Still, the chicken meat is soft and falls off the bone, and you can just picture it having simmered in a pot for hours! Open-mouthed smile Yum!

Their Penang Prawn Mee is a little.. interesting. Definitely something you won’t see at home because it comes with a side of pork pieces alongside your prawns. I really liked the extra additions because it just made the whole dish have more bite, but I do have friends who find it a little strange and would rather have it pork-less and authentic. But hey, if we’re gonna eat Malaysian food overseas, I say eat London Malaysian food. Open-mouthed smile 

I’ve had their roast duck rice, which I liked a lot because rather than the fatty greasy duck you’d find at Four Seasons, their duck is dried and meat-y, sort of like thicker pieces of duck confit. Their katsu curry was good but nothing to shout about, and I’ve always made it a point to save some room for dessert because ice-cream mochi has probably got to be one of the best things ever invented. Open-mouthed smile (Ask for their dessert menu, because they hardly ever give it out on their own!)

A happy Tiff!

They have branches around London which locations you can find here.

4. My Old Dutch

Google London pancakes and its likely that My Old Dutch would come up somewhere on your search. If you’re hungry for the fluffy breakfast pancakes that you’re more familiar with, My Old Dutch might not quite be the right place because it serves Dutch pancakes, which are really flat crepe-like pancakes with toppings that can be either sweet.. or savoury.


I have a bit of a sweet tooth and am a gigantic fan of their sweet pancakes!

This is their apple and cinnamon pancake with a side of icecream that I absolutely adored! Their apples were sour and went so well with the sweetness of the icecream and pancake. Open-mouthed smile Ahh!

And this is their namesake – My Old Dutch. You might start feeling a little sickly after eating too much of this because there’s just so much cheese and salty ham, so if you’re planning to order this, go with a friend!

They are ginormous, by the way! Just to give you an idea of the sizes! ^



Now this place only makes it on the list if you go on a Monday because on Mondays, their selected pancakes cost 5 pounds each! On a normal basis, their sweet pancakes are similarly priced but their savoury pancakes often approach 10 pounds so its a really good opportunity to go if you’ve got a free Monday. Open-mouthed smile

There are a few other branches around which you can check out here. I went to the one in Holborn! Smile 

5. Benito’s Hat

I went here before Christmas break last year and was surprised at how cheap and filling burritos are! Surprised smile 


We ordered tacos which came with loads of salsa and a side of chips. I really liked it because the vegetables were so fresh and sweet (which is a rare opinion for a vegetable-hater like me to have by the way) and it filled me up just nicely! I really can’t remember what I ordered exactly but I think it was either pulled pork or beef? Still good either way! Open-mouthed smile 


For those with larger appetites, a burrito would be a better option because it is very very very filling! There’s some rice, beans, meat, and vegetables all wrapped in that and by the second bite, I was starting to get full. D:

I think the bill ultimately came down to about 7 pounds for both the taco and the burrito, which did the job of filling up two hungry eaters! Open-mouthed smile

Their website is here.

6. Slug & Lettuce

Just like My Old Dutch, Slug & Lettuce is a place to head to on Mondays! They have a 50% discount on all of their food which makes it very very worth it. Open-mouthed smile 

Two of us ordered The Ultimate Platter and baked carbonara, I think.

We were planning on getting the seafood platter but it wasn’t available so the waitress recommended this instead. It came with ribs, wedges, bread, chicken fingers, onion rings, and fried mushrooms. To be honest, it wasn’t very good. The wedges were much too potato-ey for my taste with skin that didn’t do much to it, as opposed to a nice crispy flavoured skin. The ribs were good but ran out quick whilst the mushrooms tasted watery and could’ve used some seasoning. Still, it’s a good appetizer to share with a group of friends and I was perfectly happy and full! Open-mouthed smile 


It’s possible that we didn’t make very good ordering choices though because our baked carbonara was really lacklustre. The cheese was nice and the sauce was alright, but the pasta was much too overcooked and the flavours all blended in together after a while, with the whole dish becoming very very bland. Even the ham and mushrooms that were cooked in the dish couldn’t do much to accent any flavours in this. It was okay, overall. But not something I’d order again.

After that, we still had room to squeeze in two desserts! Their sticky toffee pudding and their chocolate pudding.

This was good. Open-mouthed smile Nothing special, but it was good. It may make you think of lava cake, but this really is just an undercooked chocolate cake, with a crispy outside and a gooey inside. A warm chocolate cake paired with vanilla ice cream can hardly go wrong and they did a good job with it. Smile 


Their sticky toffee pudding was really really good though! Ahh, the toffee and cake and ice cream combination was just.. ahh! My tongue craves for this again! I really really liked it and it was such a wonderful way to turn a meal that was floundering on meh throughout into a WAAHH kind of lunch. Open-mouthed smile 

The best part of it all? Even with all of that, the whole meal totalled a nice 16 pounds for two people. Their website is available here.

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