Nuffnang UK Turns One!

Saturday, May 31, 2014


In an act of efficiency this blog should be but is not familiar with, I’m actually writing a post about something that happened today. Surprised smile At home in Malaysia, Nuffnang just celebrated their seventh year running, but here in the UK, it just celebrated its first birthday! Open-mouthed smile 


To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about attending the event because for starters, I’m not even from the UK! Then there was the whole matter about having to get to East London (which is completely unfamiliar territory, by the way!!) and not knowing a single soul there.

Thankfully, and against the advice of the many Internet Safety Talks I got in high school, I met up with Diane before the event from Nomad Seeks Home after making Twitter plans so we could head there together! Open-mouthed smile 


She wasn’t an axe murderer or a kidnapper which was obviously a huge relief and we arrived fashionably late (heh heh) and were so warmly greeted that the hours flew by! I’m so glad we met up beforehand though because we probably would’ve gotten lost without each other, and I may not even have gone after losing my Oyster card (and hall card.. and Rail card.. and NHS card…) this morning. BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP SEARCHING. I’ve turned my jackets and pockets and bags upside down to no avail, but it has to be in the hall somewhere and until I find it, I WILL NOT REST. Devil



So, the event was held at Netil 360, which was such a cool venue in an unexpected place. The front door was shady as heck, and the flight of stairs leading to the roof aren’t for the faint hearted! Once at the top though, there was a fantastic view of the London skyline waiting for us with rooftop seats that were trendy and practical.





It’s such a shame that Central London’s too crowded to have funky venues like these because it was just a very relaxing place to be with the wind lightly blowing and the skies unthreateningly calm (for the first time in forever!).


And of course, one of the better things about going to blogger events is that pretty much everyone knows how to operate a big chunky camera! Open-mouthed smile It isn’t even that embarrassing posing in the middle of nowhere.. because, well.. Others are doing it too. Winking smile 



Those pictures are thanks to Ellie, who is super pretty and very nice! She’s much taller than I am but I’m cheating in this photo by standing on a platform. Meh, cheap tricks. Winking smile 

Nuffnang treated us to tacos and/or burgers. I went for the tacos, which turned out to be vegan but really delicious.


I’m practically a carnivore so saying that vegan food tasted good must’ve meant something! Open-mouthed smile 

I wish I had gotten the details of the tacos but there were black beans, buck wheat meat (which tasted like the typical Vegetarian meat), and even jack fruit. Yes, you read that right! Nangka with Barbeque sauce in a taco. The flavours were really complex but all I could think about was that tacos are sloppy food because there was sauce everywhere and by the end of it, I had made such a mess. Whoops!



Not something I would go out and actively find, but probably the most unique combination of flavours I’ve had in a while. Open-mouthed smile 

It was a nice simple event filled with mainly chatter and some photo-taking, where I learnt a fair bit about places to explore in London, that I look good in black but should try out green, tasted Pimm’s – which is a British summer drink, was told that walking out without an umbrella is a gamble most Londoners don’t take, and that no one really knows where everything in London is (which is reassuring to an extent)!

With conversation that flowed and weather so good, today marks the beginning of hopefully more adventures with the community in the UK! Smile 


Holly, Louise, Diane, Emily, myself, and Fran!


Big smiles from everyone. Open-mouthed smile 

Thanks, Jessie. Netil 360, and Nuffnang UK for the event!

Review: Big Easy, Covent Garden

Friday, May 30, 2014

The last week has been a whirlwind with Law exams wrapping up a week before anyone else’s and with 5 of us Law girls heading to Amsterdam for a much needed break (which I will blog about hopefully soon!) but with most of you itching for a place to dine after having swallowed too many books rather than good food, Big Easy is a place you could consider!

There aren’t many things I love as much as I love seafood and when it comes to shrimp, I’m a big fan. When I heard that I could get unlimited shrimp in central London for 17 pounds, interested would be an understatement.



If made to describe it, I would say it had a very American feel to it, with its warehouse like setting, yellow lights and funky wall hangings.



It was a crowded weekday and we had booked beforehand so I recommend doing that! Even with a booking, one peeve I had was being seated much too close to the person next to us. I could have leaned a little to my left and rest my head on my neighbour’s shoulder if I had wanted to. I could’ve eaten off their plate if I wished! I could’ve caressed their face and there would be too little room for them to move away in time!

Okay, I think I’ve made my point. I did see more spacious seats at the front but we were hustled to the back and didn’t ask for a seat swap which we probably should’ve done.



They have more than just unlimited shrimp though, because each day brings its own daily special, with unlimited BBQ on Mondays, shrimp on Tuesdays, Fatijas on Wednesdays and a killer combination of Steak + Lobster on Thursdays for those who can’t decide!



Love this picture of them!


Squinty eyes and eating utensils! Yum!

Celine and I decided to be a little sneaky with our ordering and she got a lobster roll, whilst I got the shrimp and we shared those. Each order came with a choice of drink, including cocktails as an option.


To be honest, I have always wanted to try Pina Colada solely because of the Pina Colada (Escape) song. If you don’t know that song, you’re either much too young to be drinking Pina Coladas OR your parents never quite found it prudent to replay the song over and over again on long car drives when you were a kid. Just sayin’.

And unfortunately, I can’t quite live out the song because I do not.. like Pina Colada. –.-

But the shrimp.. Man, the shrimp.


By the time these golden shrimps of perfection arrived, we were famished. These were hands down the best fried shrimp I’ve had in my life, with the serving coming in with 6 massive, juicy pieces, fried in a light layer of batter which went perfectly with the shrimp. I wasn’t a fan of the chips which were okay at best, far too potatoey, and not a very intelligent use of stomach space if you came for unlimited shrimp.


Overly excited hands.

How it works is that once you’ve finished your first helping, you call over a waitress who’d bring you over another order. It takes a while for the second helping to come, but when it arrives, it is just as perfect as the first batch. It seems as though they don’t pre-fry a whole lot of it because it arrives piping hot and not at all soggy.

However, due to the time it takes, you may just end up snacking on the chips (those sneaky little things) and gradually feel full by the time your order comes. Also, sitting where we were was probably not the best place to be because there were hardly any servers walking around, and we had to really make an effort to call for their attention. We’re pretty certain they deliberately ignored us a few times too.. Sad smile


I personally had no problem with it but everyone else at the table found themselves getting a bit sick of the batter on the shrimp and peeled them off before eating the shrimp.

The lobster roll on the other hand, is an impressive deal. It goes for 20 pounds at Burger & Lobster, but at Big Easy, a lobster roll on the lunch menu with a side of chips and salad is a nice 10 pounds. It even comes with a drink!


Celine thought the roll was wonderful and if I’m not mistaken, said the bun was toasted perfectly. I can’t do a fair comparison against the one at B&L because I haven’t tried it, but on its own the price is worth it and the helpings of lobster, whilst aren’t particularly generous, are sufficient to be satisfying.



Look at all the peeled off batter from the shrimp and the excess chips! Yikes..

All in all, it was a hearty meal that I enjoyed throughly. You can get bored of it though so I’d recommend you go with a group of friends who order different things.. and maybe discreetly slip them a shrimp every now and then so you can have a taste of their meal as well. Heh.

I’ve heard that Shrimp & Rye has a similar promotion with non-fried shrimp so might head there one of these days for a shrimp fix.

But one thing’s for sure, the shrimps at Big Easy didn’t disappoint and I loved every fried morsel.

Their website here.


Thursday, May 8, 2014


I’ll be back at the end of May with lots to say.

PS: Yay for accidental rhyming!!

PPS: I’ll be heading to Amsterdam, Prague, and Budapest after my exams!!!!!

PPPPSSSS: Should be studying ahahahaahahahhah bye.

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