Summer lovin’

Friday, August 15, 2014

I didn’t have many expectations for myself this summer. I wasn’t ambitious enough to set goals of good books nor foolish enough to set targets of weight loss. I knew that summer meant home and home meant food, and obviously food meant meals with family and friends, which to me, felt like a pretty amazing way to spend my days in Malaysia. I mean, as opposed to filling it up with, pssfft, self-development.

I could almost hear pre-summer me spitting out the word like poison on my tongue because wasn’t the school year development enough?

For crying out loud, I spent almost every day studying, surrounded by texts that didn’t make sense unless read more than once and okay, sure I cheated a fair bit by using Wikipedia in place of the roughly 40-page cases I was meant to read, but I argue that it was all a lesson in efficiency that undoubtedly will come in useful some day when I need information on the go. And I was living alone! I had to get my own meals done. Wasn’t that a fair feat?

Fine. To be honest, the hall I lived in was catered and the closest I got to cooking was boiling water in my rice cooker for instant noodles, which, I must confess, hardly ever happened on my own anyway thanks to a very kind hall mate. But then there was the first time I fell really ill and it isn’t quite the same booking your own appointment with the NHS when I used to be able to ask my dad for medicine, and it isn’t quite as nice when you’re resting in your room, feeling absolutely alone, wishing for nothing more than your mother’s hugs and some herbal soup. And then there were those decisions I had to make about who to live with and where, and there were questions on how to spend my time (Was I studying enough? Was I studying too much? Am I taking on too many things? Or am I being lazy?).

But ultimately, it was the combination of trying to be an effective university first year law student, balancing both my studies and the ‘international experience’, all whilst trying to do my laundry more than once a month, curb my London-bred online shopping habit, and figure out how many layers to wear on a spring day. How’s that for self-development?

It makes sense then that I tired of decision–making and learning for a fair bit and wanted nothing more than to laze about and do nothing but exist. It wasn’t too dull of an existence, I presumed. I wasn’t going to just be rotting for I had grand plans of travel to Sabah and Langkawi and inevitably Taiping, knew I had a 6 week long internship, and had a few LSE events pencilled in. But within days of being back, I got restless and was itching for more to do. I started making plans with friends to explore places back home and was very soon enjoying the hecticness I thought I wanted to avoid.

Thank God I realized the error of pre-summer Tiffany with her over-glorification of lazing and started a coding course on of which I’ve gotten hopelessly demotivated in (Learn some responsibility, you bum!!)((HAHA, and play the game I made for Week 0! – feel free to laugh at my overflowing levels of noob.)), became ridiculously fond of a certain British accent, am taking small steps towards writing poetry again, am going to learn how to take better pictures, took it upon myself to remember how to cycle because it is actually possible to forget, and surprisingly enough, started swimming at least once every fortnight!

Celebrated C1’s belated birthday with the creepiest (pan)cake ever at The Daily Grind.

Realized that my love for Portobello mushrooms will never falter.

The three musketeers!

Had to learn the hard way that you can’t undo a haircut with another haircut.

Hopped about Jump Street Trampoline Park like kindergarteners on the loose with some friends from college.

Learnt that jumping into a pit of foam is a lot of fun but you will not escape unscathed – my bruises lasted a week!

Tried our hand at Escape Room yet again and took a deceptively victorious photo of our eventual defeat.

Ate a copious amount of sushi rolls and came to the conclusion that Ichiban Boshi at Publika trumps everywhere else.

DSC_0037Also realized that ownership over a BBQ pit does not result in skills over the use of said BBQ pit.

On the same day, I learned that childhood friends don’t quite change and that one should always ensure that at least one person in the car knows where they’re headed.

photo (1)
I also became increasingly frustrated with dentists all around who cannot agree on whether my upper right wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. Any dentists in the room?

Scratched out one of three LSE events for the summer too!

I have all sorts of posts lined up for the blog (foodies, I’m looking at you!) and if I find the time and if I ever finish that coding course of mine, might give this ol’ layout a little kick.

The end of August marks the end of my internship and the beginning of the busy summer I was always going to have despite how much I swore against it. September means I’ll be heading back to Taiping for a bit, rush-meeting the rest of my relatives and friends, food hunting as much as I can, finally leaving teenagehood (*sobs* I don’t care – I’m making twenteen a thing) , and most definitely going to try and fill this space a little more.




All because I left my hair unwashed and pulled it high in a bun.

May your weekend be filled with adorable things!

5 comments on "Summer lovin’"
  1. I totally get the international 'oh-damn-I'm-on-my-own' feeling. Haha I didn't (still don't) find it easy to assimilate into the UK lifestyle. :p
    On another note, I see a declaration of eventual food posts. YASSS FOOD YASSS
    Sounds like you've had a pretty good summer so far! :)

    1. Hahah and interestingly enough, there's a whole bunch of us feeling alone together in the UK. :P But we'll get better at it! Hopefully. ;)

      Ohh, the food delivery will arrive shortly. :P

      Hope your summer has been great, Yan Yin!

  2. Hi :) I've just stumbled upon your blog and I just feel the strong need to tell you that I absolutely adore it! Your writing style is so humorous and your hold on the english language is undeniably strong :D I've been somewhat obsessively reading post after post (whoops). Anyways, just thought I oughtta let you know I love your blog! hahah bye xx

    1. Hi Tian Huey! Welcome!

      Haha your comment is really very much appreciated - thank you!

      If you were the one in Instagram, then I would like you to know I think you're extremely talented! :)


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