White shirts and black blazers.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

White shirts & black blazers.

Suits and ties on men with no hair,
Blazers and buns on women with flair,
Five yawns in the audience as witnesses are probed,
"No further questions, your honour," the proceedings then close.

The intern is introduced and sits at the bar table,
And tries to contain her excitement as much as she is able,
She now knows the difference between TV and real life,
But is even more certain that she's the "court" type.

She was attached at four sections
With a new supervisor for each one,
They would teach her about the division,
And tell her what to get done.

There was Contracts where she realized
That Malaysia codifies its rules,
And Monetary Services where she learned
What the Bank can and cannot do.

There was Financial Services where she saw
Legislation drafted by hand,
Then finally Prosecution,
Which is where this poem began.

The past six weeks at the office,
had its ups and downs,
Especially during Raya,
when her supervisor was out of town.

Whilst she had free time,
There was nothing to do,
Besides speak to the managers,
Who were amused she was still in school.

There's no point keeping this up,
For the intern "she", is in fact "I",
When they found out interning wasn't compulsory,
I was often asked a resounding "Why??"

Enjoy your summer, I was told,
Work will come when you're old,
Take a holiday, take a break,
Don't just intern for interning's sake.

Even still, I don't regret it,
Having had a glimpse of it all.
I am now more certain of what I want,
Which was the aim of the internship, after all.


I grew up on Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl (along with Enid Blyton, J.K Rowling, and of course, Peter & Jane) who have peppered their tales with the occasional made up word and ever-present rhymes. It’s no surprise then that I’ve always been fond of telling stories in poem form hence my attempt at summarizing my six week internship in 9 paragraphs of 4 lines.

photo (2)
Hi there, kijang.

photo (3)
My daily view every weekday for 3 weeks before I got moved to a different floor.

- pictures removed, juuust in case -

photo 3
My scribbled notes which were more poem and doodles than court proceedings. But hey, you do what you can to stay awake!

photo (4)

My favourite sofas at the Bank, taken on my last day. Open-mouthed smile 


“Suited up” – the everyday court experience.

Court wear is pretty much black blazers and white tops but the room was so cold, more than half the time I was wishing for a trench coat instead.

My weekend’s starting out great and I wish the same for yours! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Haven't read your blog in a while and really enjoyed this! I especially liked the poem! :)

    1. Hey superstar! Thanks for paying me a visit ahaha missing you!

  2. did you get that ootd header from google images.............how could u

    1. How dare you! gasps

      That was clearly made with Paint


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