7 Places on my Must-Eat List

Monday, September 15, 2014


Distance only makes the heart grow fonder and as much as that may apply to romantic relationships, it is just as relevant to meals if not more so. With every picture we post of Tower Bridge or the London Eye, we receive one from our family dining at that nasi lemak place we love to death or that cake shop with promises to ‘take you there when you’re back’.

This summer home, I not only revisited eateries I hold dear to my tongue but got a couple more added to the list as well! Rather than excitedly gushing to anyone who would listen every time I dine, I have decided to share my ‘Must-Eat List’ right here. Open-mouthed smile Opening hours and addresses have been hyperlinked to the names of the restaurants.

1. Restoran Yu Ai

Forgive the poor quality – from my Instagram (@tiffanykml) a year ago!

At RM20 for a small bowl and RM23 for the bigger one, these seafood noodles don’t come cheap but you can bet that they’re fantastic value for money. Every bite is accompanied by either prawns, clams, or salmon because they definitely do not skimp on the seafood.

It comes in three flavours – soup, curry, and tom yum, with curry being a clear winner. There’s just something incredibly special about the sweet and spicy broth (probably copious amounts of MSG). I normally get it with kuey teow noodles in both soup and curry to share but if you have to go with one, go with the former! Definitely a must try, and every person I’ve brought there has loved it. Open-mouthed smile 

As for tom yum, better give it a miss unless you don’t mind having a bowl that tastes nothing like its Thai namesake, and is more like an extra sour version of assam laksa.

IMG_1615Where the magic happens.

2. Porridge and Chicken @ Jalan Ipoh


Pay Jalan Ipoh a dinner visit after 5pm for a bowl of smooth, flavourful porridge if you’re ever in the mood for it! It isn’t exactly the favourite meal of our generation but perfect if you’re looking somewhere to take your grandma.


And even if you aren’t a porridge fan, check this place out anyway for its heavenly poached chicken. It’s very very delicious – salty without being overwhelming, and smooth without being chewy! In my opinion, it’s one of the best places to have it!


If it isn’t hearty enough, there’s a bak kut teh stall right next door that doesn’t do too bad of a job so feast your heart out!

3. The Bread Shop, Bukit Damansara


Another place added to the list thanks to Rachel!

I’ve always enjoyed mixing and matching my food. I can comfortably eat Nutella with sausages and have honey with rice, so when places do the matching for me and do it well (like Duck and Waffle!), I get very very happy.


This mango and smoked chicken croissant is a thing of wonder that pairs incredibly well together. The sweetness of the mango against the buttery pastry is just enhanced by the chicken! I must confess that their side salad comes with a bizzare tasting dressing, but even with that, the croissant is memorable for the right reasons.


Gloriously golden and flaky. It isn’t the best croissant I’ve had because for me, International Hall stands as champion, but the pairing works, and it works very very well.

There’s a beef version as well!

The Bread Shop doesn’t just stop there. The moment you enter, the smell of baked bread assaults you in the best possible way one can be assaulted! A wide array of pastries are on display, ready for you!


On a whim, I decided to get their Salted Caramel Choc Tart and it was the best decision of the day. I haven’t had a tart this good since.. well, ever. But bear in mind that chocolate is a particular favourite of mine, and after having had tarts with crumbly bits of poorly melted chocolate, this was bliss.


Dramatic, but I was love struck.

I came back a few days later for their Peanut Butter Choc Tart because this beauty ran out, and was unfortunately underwhelmed. The dollop of peanut butter in the centre (you can refer to the pic with the display) was difficult to spread throughout the tart and whilst still good, it wasn’t amazing. I heard their scones are marvellous but they sold out on my second visit so maybe you could be the judge!

4. Swich Cafe


Mom-daughter bonding sessions are such a pleasure and even more so when there’s good food to accompany it. I’ve heard of Swich a couple of times before but I never thought to give it a try till recently!


I went for the Cempedak Cake and their Walnut Tiramisu.

It was my first time having cempedak in a cake, and I was worried it would be sickly sweet or artificial tasting. But it was far from that! The flavour was subtle without being bland and whilst I wouldn’t be able to finish a slice on my own, it definitely is a must-try. The coconut flakes on top lend a slight crisp to the cake and was the perfect addition.


I’m a huge lover of the traditional Italian creamy moussey tiramisu but the one at Swich managed to broaden my like palette because it was such a delicious take on it. The one at Alexis doesn’t even come close to how much I enjoyed this cake.

5. Menya Musashi, Isetan, One Utama

photo 5

There isn’t a single ramen store in London that can compare to how I feel about this place because the one here is amazing!

photo 1 (2)

You can see my half-eaten piece of pork in the background because I was anticipating the ramen so much, I didn’t take the time off to snap a proper picture. And the pork is good! It’s fatty and melty and omgggg I am salivating.

If you go, you must order the Kuro one. Don’t even try being adventurous, okay. I’m telling you that this ramen is amazing and it is only amazing if you order it right! However, expect to pay at least RM30 a bowl for this helping of heaven.

photo 2 (2)
Perfect egg. Just perfect. The egg yolk was perfectly marinated and runny but not too runny. Beautiful.

photo 3 (2)
Not bad gyozas too! Maybe a little too gooey inside but enjoyable!

6. Uncle Soon’s Fried Rice

Probably the only reason to step foot into SS15 is this gloriously amazing fried rice. Get it big with char siew and with egg, please because it’s so good you wouldn’t want it any smaller!

And the sambal that comes with it packs a punch and enhances the flavour of the rice. Take it easy in the first bite though because stronger men have succumbed halfway through the sauce plate.

photo (5)

It’s just a humble hawker store that moves around pretty often, but currently it’s at Restoran Foh Foh at SS15.

7. Oriental Cravings’ Lou Shi Fun

photo (6)
Horribly taken photo!

I’ve gushed enough throughout the post but this deserves a little more gush and a fair bit of enthusiasm because this lou shi fun is so good! Mix in the runny egg and you have a winning bowl!

Do yourself a favour and try out these places because I love them and I’m confident others will too!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Now I have great places to eat at in KL!


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