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Sunday, November 30, 2014
Nestled in the corners of Farringdon and hidden between alleys that lie maybe an inch too close to The Modern Pantry (which I have yet to try!), sits Granger & Co, a pretty breakfast-brunch type of place with large windows by plain tables, perfect for those overhead Instagram shots and in this case - brunch with a best friend.

I met up with Baby J after what seemed like forever and we were lucky to score a seat despite showing up without a reservation. It was fine for a party of two, but best give them a call beforehand if you’re planning to head there for lunch.

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From Baby J’s instagram: @hojocelyn

I had just recovered from food poisoning and the menu was disappointingly sparse for someone whose stomach can’t quite take the fried and savoury, but it was probably because we arrived at an awkward time between breakfast and lunch. The lunch menu would’ve probably been more welcoming. I went for their ricotta hotcakes, with banana & honeycomb butter for 11.50 whilst Baby J had their Full Aussie.

Service wasn’t particularly quick, but it was friendly and welcoming, with the servers cracking jokes and sparing the time to take pictures of us – and that’s no easy feat considering how picky we can get. Smile with tongue out

Granger & Co gave off a wonderful feel of being in a nice hotel breakfast bar, classier than the average cafe.

The food itself was distinctive.


Their ricotta hotcakes were wonderful and this is coming from someone who didn’t have much of an appetite. The cheese in the pancakes gave each bite a pleasant creaminess that went surprisingly well with the syrup and banana. Fans of pancakes with crispy sides may find themselves disappointed because it was fluffy all over! It’s a hate it or love it kind of dish – and I loved it!


The Full Aussie was scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, bacon, cumin roast tomato, and miso chestnut mushrooms all on a plate, reminiscent of Antipodean-like meals back home in Malaysia. But their scrambled eggs were really in a class of its own, creamy and silky smooth, almost with the texture of streamed eggs!

A conversation with our waiter revealed that the eggs get whipped with a lot of cream beforehand, so whilst delicious, might not be an everyday option! I’m contemplating trying this at home (will let you guys know if it’s a success!)

I didn’t get to try the rest of the meal, but Celine has sung praises about their miso mushrooms and it seems a relatively popular option here so it could be worth a try. I personally would rather roast my own tomatoes, toast my own bread, and pan fry my own mushrooms than fork out 13 pounds for this, but I don’t think I would ever be able to make scrambled eggs this fluffy so Cost-Benefit-Analysis the meal, my Economics-studying schoolmates!


I’ve smiled this camera smile so often that being ill can’t wipe it away! Smile with tongue out


My lovely brunch buddy!

Open-mouthed smile

Living in a flat outside of halls has led to more cooking and a lot less going out so maybe some recipes may find their way here in the next few posts. (Maybe) ((If I learn how to plate nicely)) (((And cook.)))

And in case you wondered, no I did not get food poisoning from my own cooking!!!

See you soon! Winking smile


Granger & Co.
Clerkenwell Green
50 Sekforde StreetLondon EC1R 0HA
T + 44 20 7251 9032

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