My week in yoga pants

Saturday, December 6, 2014
This week has been incredibly intense from the get go! Wonderful, but intense filled with sights and sounds and books and essays! An accounting test, an in-class assessment (LSE100!), and an essay due today have been prodding at me all week, but in the midst of it all, there were gems of joy that I managed to find in between!


With three lobster rolls, lobster chowder, and amazing courgette fries for two at Smack Lobster on Monday,


To a visit to Benihana with the Malaysian Society committee members over the week.


Happy faces after a wonderful term in the committee.

For the first time in a long time, a significant amount of my time is spent on picking up skills I’ve always wanted to have and learning new things rather than dedicate myself to loads of society obligations. Whilst I appreciate the soft skills and experiences as well as relationships formed from the latter, being able to learn new things and spend time on growing is something a lot of us tend to put aside. I felt that this year was the best time to really pick up things!


Whilst slotting in time to finish my essays!

I’ve signed up for salsa dancing classes once a week and whilst I have yet to reach this back-arching, heels-wearing, dramatic-fingers bit of it, I have really enjoyed my classes! It’s a beginners’ class which means that more often than not, I go home with footprints all over my shoes.

These salsa classes are one of the reasons why I got so excited when Zalora contacted me for a collaboration to write about yoga pants! Comfortable, stretchy, and perfect for moving around in, I love wearing yoga pants for my salsa classes! In fact, almost every day after a tiring day out, I head back home, pull off my jeans, and put on a pair of comfy pants because life is too short to spend it in discomfort. :P

On Tuesdays, I’ve started attending aerobics classes as well where we spend an hour jumping around like maniacs to pop music – although to be honest, I spend most of that hour panting rather than jumping – and do all kinds of stretches and mini dance moves which are loads of fun. Open-mouthed smile 

For those classes, wearing sports attire is definitely understandable, but right after aerobics, I rush off for my two hour Mandarin classes and I don’t always have time to change. So wearing yoga pants are perfect because if you have the right pair, it can be dressed down for sports but camouflage as slack-like pants when you have classes too! Casual, but not too casual. Winking smile 

And I definitely can vouch for yoga pants as travel outfits! Too embarrassed to wear your pajamas on the plane? Yoga pants will do the trick!

Basically, I love how yoga pants are the perfect lazy day outfit that celebrities don’t mind getting seen in and regardless if it’s for exercise, Mandarin classes (eheheh), for showing off your perfectly sculpted butt, or for just lazing around, they’re a must-have addition to everyone’s closet. 

And what better place to get them than from the comfort of your own home? Winking smile


So who hasn’t heard of Zalora?

Like the Asos of Malaysia, Zalora provides an opportunity for Malaysians to get access to international brands in an affordable manner. We no longer have to beg our friends from overseas to fly back with merchandise for us because we can get everything online. And with Zalora, there’s no need to worry about ridiculously expensive shipping fees either as if you spend above RM75, they provide free delivery.

It’s basically the international experience all the way at home, with a returns policy that matches up to the rest of the world! Open-mouthed smile I didn’t think I’d see the day where a website in Malaysia would offer free returns!


So check out ZALORA for a wide range of yoga pants online in Malaysia from various local and international brands. Open-mouthed smile
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