Hello, 2016!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

And just like that, the year is coming to an end.

I almost didn’t feel it coming. Being in university just makes time fly differently – a world with three day weekends, where 9am starts are considered much too early, where we get breaks for months and months at a time, and where the year feels like it begins twice, once in January, and again in September. So whilst that’s good in the sense that I get two chances for a ‘New Year’s resolution’, it’s almost inevitable that it just means forgetting about them twice.

But maybe 2016 will be different! It’s going to be a year of monumental change, with graduation coming up and my virgin foray into the full-time working world beckoning in all its desk job glory. I really have about 4 months to figure out how to do well in Law, which doesn’t sound like a lot of time, especially after the results of an EEG scan I did detected pretty dormant left-brain activity.. How have I been surviving law school with minimal analytical thought, I don’t know, but it sure does explain my awful receipt computing skills. It’s probably not surprising to you guys that I’ve spent a fair amount of time telling someone they’ve given me the wrong change only to realise that.. well, I can’t count. BUT HEY, acceptance is the first step to recovery eyyy?

Not having a lot of time before I stop being a student really brings the next year into sharp focus. At the risk of sounding overdramatic, our actions over the next few months would be critical in determining our entire future! I’m at a stage of life where I’m standing at a crossroad with so many options its dizzying. How do people ever make life-changing decisions?

I read something about making resolutions this morning that got me thinking about the way I want to live my life – more Christ-centric and outwards-focused. Do our resolutions have God in mind? Am I really giving Him my best, utilising the gifts He’s given me? Do our resolutions have God’s family in mind? Am I really thinking about the people around me, and tapping into or developing talents I have that could be useful to them? Do our resolutions have the world in mind? Am I doing enough to set a positive example to others? Am I able to lend hope and joy and peace to those who need it? Do our resolutions have eternity in mind? Where do my priorities lie?

Just thinking of these questions have given me a new lens to view the year from, with every day an opportunity to be better, to give more, to learn more. It can be so easy to become complacent with who you are when you know the people around you love you for you. It’s one thing to feel confident with yourself to know that you need to do nothing else to be loved, but it’s another to love yourself enough to yearn to stretch more, safe in the knowledge that your best does measure up, even if it isn’t what you envisioned.

For 2016, I have 5 main goals in mind.

1. GOD


Over the year, I’ve amassed a very small collection of Christian literature to help me stretch and understand my faith a little better. LOL I’ve read a total of...what? 2 pages? This year, I will do better! I aim to finish at least 2 of those books, pledge to finish reading the Old Testament, and will find more opportunities to serve in church when I come back to Malaysia. And in every situation where I may be tempted to not take the high road, I aim to WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) through it! Huzzah!


It’s true the older you get, the less friends you have. It’s not that people become more unlikeable the older they get (although feel free to dispute that lolol), but time becomes more valuable and it really becomes important to recognise who you can prioritise. For this year, I pledge to be better to my friends and really let those who I cherish to know how much they mean to me. This applies to my relationships with my family and boyfriend as well. Being present is so important and is becoming increasingly underappreciated in a world where chilling in one’s company watching YouTube videos is stretching social skills to its limit. It’s so tempting to hermit myself in my room when I don’t feel like going out, but genuine social interactions can be really meaningful and I pledge to have more of that in the coming year. So that’s that– see ya later, phones at the table, and hello punctuality!

For  my friends, I’m going to make an effort to arrive on time when I do make plans and always ensure to fulfil my commitments. When I tell someone I’ll get back to them, I’m going to set reminders on my phone to make sure I do. I resolve to be honest and sincere with my friends in all that I do, and will make more of an effort to show that I care.

For my family, knowing that I’m going to be apart from my sister for another year, I’m going to make sure to check up on her every now and then, and not respond suspiciously when she does the same (i.e. message me for what? you want smth ah? lolol). I will FaceTime my parents every week when I’m in London and will be sure to spend quality time with Dommypoo when I’m home!


As for my boyfriend, I resolve to cherish the time we have together by being fully present when he’s around, and when we go our separate ways upon graduation, I pledge to keep a positive attitude about the LDR and will make an effort to make meaningful connections every opportunity we get!


I’m really glad that I signed up for the gym this term (thanks a lot to Seth’s encouragement!) and have been exercising almost weekly with Zumba and Boxing lessons… till I sprained my ankle again haiyo. But this year, I pledge to eat better, exercise consistently, and sleep well! I’m going to cook better, cleaner meals and have dessert once a week rather than everyday. If I injure myself when exercising, I should find other ways to keep healthy rather than make excuses. By planning my day better, I should be able to have more consistent sleep and still get everything done! A few years ago, I gave up fizzy drinks for a resolution and I haven’t been craving them since. But just to be safe, here’s to cutting out sugary drinks entirely save for really special occasions.


Finding out that I’m primarily using only half my brain has been rather alarming so naturally, I’m quite set on reactivating my left side. I’m going to write once a week, may it be a blog post, a poem, or an essay in order to kickstart that part back into gear. Besides that, I plan on journalling daily – even if just a short paragraph of the day’s joys to help me summarize my day concisely. Rather than mindlessly fill my mealtimes with YouTube videos for hours on end, I aim to watch things that will stimulate my mind like TEDx videos, sermons, or public lecture recordings!

I also resolve to be more financially literate, and aim to find a way of earning money besides my main occupation in the coming year. I will also be more conscious of the way I spend money and aim to better identify my expenditure priorities.


We all add something to this world, but it’s up to us as to whether that contribution is positive or negative. Rather than just exist on this space with words that would be forgotten hours from now or with pictures easily scrolled past and forgotten, I hope to use 2016 to fill my personal platforms with purpose. When I write or post, I resolve to share something with others, rather than post the most likes-generating caption or a click-bait title. I’m going to practice mindfulness and aim to be consciously aware of my actions and their impact on society, and will use my leisure time to bring about a positive contribution.


These aspirations are rough and ambitious, and it’s likely that my goals and priorities would change as the year goes by. Even if they don’t, it’s also likely that I may not succeed. So, I guess my final resolution is to be happy and remain optimistic about the circumstances that are going to unfold and to trust God wholeheartedly.


I’m really excited about the year to come, and I wish all of you a wonderful new year! Thank you for still reading, even when my words don’t come out right and I occasionally lose heart. I will do better next year! Red heart

Brr - Winter’s calling!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
As we approach the end of term, the pull of a holiday-to-come is bringing restlessness into the classroom. Besides the fact that I'm seeing fewer and fewer people each week, I've found myself fidgeting in my seat more than usual, having to forcefully pull myself back from the party in my head to the lesson at hand, and horrifyingly, I feel myself turning into that university zombie with glazed eyes and methodological typing. On the bright side, I think my touch-typing skills have improved so much in the past few years, I could be blindfolded, spun around twenty times, and could probably still type out word-for-word what's going on.

Pssst, lawyers-to-be, there's always transcription work if the legal world doesn't call to you.

I’ve been keeping busy the past few weeks and headed to Coventry for a weekend for Alvin’s birthday! Alvin and I became friends in college over a shared interest in pursuing law (amongst other things), but it just goes to show how differently life can turn out in a matter of years. Not only is he not studying law (ugh, ditcher :p), but in the time that I’ve known him, he became an uncle, we both got our driver’s license (although one of us - guess who? - doesn’t drive), we both ended up in different universities… and the scariest part? We’re both graduating soon!

In fact, almost all of us are!

A pic of the group of us in 2012, and at the party in 2015 stolen off @shyhjin’s Instagram.

It was the first time in a really long time that the five of us got to meet up again, but it was really nice just seeing each other, basking in the familiarity of one another.

Happy birthday, Alvin! Great job on the surprise and the cake, Nicole! Winking smile

My half chicken for lunch Smile with tongue out Which I pretty much polished off, thank you very much.

You know how everyone agrees to pull a silly face for a group photo, and one person somehow doesn’t get the message? *cough Shyh Jin cough*

Although we all met up for the party on a Saturday, Seth, Shyh Jin, and I arrived the day before for a little touristing.

Huge thanks to Baby J who kindly hosted Seth and me, cooked for us, and took care of us for the night! Open-mouthed smile

As J was busy with classes that evening, the three of us caught a train from Coventry to Birmingham to check out the Christmas Market! As its famed for being the biggest German market in Europe that’s.. not in Germany (non-German German market?), we thought to pay a visit.

My forever +1

LOLOL and our very bright bulb.

I love spending time alone with Seth, but I also really enjoy having company with us too! She pretends to put up with a lot of our cringe-worthy moments, but I know she secretly likes them hahah even if I do coerce her into taking loads of pictures of us.

Our Lady & The Tramp moment! That was a delicious bratwurst, by the way. Besides the fact that it seemed neverending, it was hot and salty and perfect for a cold day up North.

Look at the group behind me all enjoying their Bratwursts!

The market itself was lovely, with fairy lights lining the stalls that held little trinkets and goodies nestled within. If you asked me to compare it to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland though, I’d have a hard time doing a fair comparison. I most definitely prefer the crowds at Hyde Park, and the layout of the market because once you’re there, you basically see everything! But with Birmingham, it was well spaced out which made it less crowded, but it also made it less exciting or less atmospheric? I didn’t get to take a look at the Ice Rink or its ferris wheel (because its so spaced out!) but I still had lots of fun!


We came home that night with a box of chocolate coated marshmallows in an assortment of flavours, ranging from Lime to Whiskey, and it was a sweet finish to a great day!

Heading to Dublin this week for a brief getaway, and will be paying a visit to Winter Wonderland soon after! Exciting stuff ahead, with a flight back to Malaysia over the Christmas break and a project I’m working on which would be great with your support!

This is what I shared on Facebook:
In the spirit of Christmas, I was hoping my friends on Facebook would be interested in a project I'm involved in.
Two summers ago, I went with a mission group to teach at a small school in a village in Sabah. These kids are children of immigrants in Malaysia, but they are born and bred in Malaysia, speak fluent Malay and very much consider Malaysia their home. But because of their parents’ circumstances, the kids do not have birth certificates or identity cards and cannot enrol in government schools, thus not being able to receive education except through independent schools like the one I went to help out at.

A friend of mine who hosted the mission trip initiated a project called Backpack of Blessings a year ago, aimed at providing these children in Sabah stationery for them to go to school. The pictures in this post were from last year's efforts. Having stationery of their own is a huge incentive for these kids to take their education seriously in an environment where it is hardly prioritised.

In order to raise funds for Backpack for Blessings, I am looking for sponsors of these backpacks, which will be sourced and packed by my friend in Malaysia, and the entire backpack, consisting of a pencil box, stationery and notepads will cost about £5 per backpack.

We will also attach a note with each backpack from the sponsor so whoever sends a bag can communicate directly with the recipient. I’ll be collecting these notes in the UK before I fly back to Malaysia on the 17th of December, but if you’d like to send a digital message, that’s fine as well!

We promise to keep everyone updated on the progress of this project, and will send pictures of your sponsored child with your bag once they get dropped off in January!

You can sign up to get involved at the link below!

Feel free to share this with your friends who may be interested!


Fingers crossed that this will really take off and we’d be able to make a difference!

Till next time!

Recipe: Gochujang Chicken (Sort of!)

Monday, November 23, 2015
Strange to think that I once avoided the kitchen and any form of cooking when now, I often prefer eating in to going out. Surprised smile

Ever since I had Korea’s famous fried chicken, I’ve been craving for all sorts of Korean flavours. And whilst I know that On The Bab is there if I ever need a fix, I’ve been nursing a rocky relationship with a sore throat and a sniffly cold for the past couple of weeks so thought to save the oil for another day and attempt my version of sticky sweet chicken  – unfortunately without the deep fried fun.


I noticed that Sainsbury’s started selling Gochujang sauce which got me so excited and the first chance I got to cook this, I went and got myself a bottle!

IngredientsRecipe modified from theironyou
Chicken breasts, cut into large strips/chunks
2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons gochujang
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1. In a bowl combine honey, gochujang, oil, soy sauce, and garlic. Whisk it together.

2. Marinade the chicken in soy sauce for as long as you want!

3. Once you're satisfied with the marinade-ness of your chicken, go ahead and chop it up to your desired size if you haven't already, and have a blast frying it!

4. Pour a little bit of vegetable oil on a big pan, and once the pan is hot, fry the chicken. I like to start with a high heat and to leave the chicken on for about a minute or two without moving it to have it sear on one side, but to each their own.

5. Just before the chicken is completely cooked through, cover the pan with a lid and the chicken juices will start filling the pan. You want them in there for more flavor and sauce.

6. When you're sure the chicken's cooked, set it aside on a different plate and with the pan of chicken juices, pour the sauce into the pan on a high heat and let it come to a boil. It'll bubble and reduce till you get a sticky sweet sauce!

7. You can put the chicken back in once you're pleased with the sauce and toss it around, fully coating each piece.
Also, student kitchen tip! Grow your own spring onions. All you have to do is buy a bunch and stick them in a glass of water. They grow and you basically have a limitless supply!
8. Garnish your dish with spring onions and sesame seeds and it's ready to serve.

BONUS RECIPE – jeng jeng jeng!


I had my chicken with a side of steamed egg, with the magical ratio of 3:2 of water and egg! You could use the egg shells to measure the amount of water you need then beat both the egg and water together in a bowl. The water might dilute the taste of the egg, so salt and pepper the mixture if you want more flavour! Alternatively, you could mix in chicken stock.

It might get a little frothy, but in my experience, that’s alright!

If you have a steamer, then you’re a lucky one, because all you have to do is steam the egg!

But if you don’t, you could put your bowl in a pot, then pour boiling water into the pot till it’s about half way up your bowl. On medium heat, cover the pot with a lid, and in 12 minutes, you should have yummy, silky, steamed egg!


Featuring my ever trusty spring onion

There you have it – an easy meal that doesn’t really require any culinary skills. So many blog posts in the works, but so little time! So maybe I’ll post up short snippets like these and get back into the habit. Open-mouthed smile

Till next time!

Has it been that long?

Monday, October 26, 2015
It’s hard to believe that I once eagerly filled this space every day when it’s been ages since I felt like I really wrote anything. I’ve been back in London for a month now, although it seems like barely a weekend ago that I boarded the plane to London, eager to begin my third year.

It’s different everytime I fly back here. The first time, it was nervewrecking. London was big and vast and so utterly new and the thought of leaving my family behind for months at a time seemed so agonizing. After summer break, it was anticipatory. I was looking forward to moving into my flat, meeting my boyfriend, and reuniting with the friends I hadn’t seen all summer! Studying law wasn’t such a shock anymore and I was eager for the Salsa classes, bible study, Mandarin lessons, and Aerobics classes that I spent second year busy with.

This time, it’s heartbreaking.

Knowing that it would be the last time for a while that I’d be flying back to London to catch its beautiful autumn leaves, wear those winter coats, and don those woolly sweaters and scarves.. Knowing that my Undergraduate life was coming to a close, work loomed ahead, responsibilities quick to follow, and the thought of being separated from Seth for years on end..

But maybe heartbreaking is too strong of a term. It was also eager – I had just recently decided that I really wanted to end my last year just really doing Law properly; I was going to finish all my readings and really utilize the excellent resources the school had to offer; I was keen on meeting my friends and breathing in fresh London air; I was looking forward to learn and play and travel and live in this beautiful city for one more year.

So, more appropriately, flying back this time was bittersweet.

From the moment I arrived, it’s been a blast.

I was really set on making the most of my time here, with both work and play, and so far, it’s been wonderful. I could definitely do with a lot less lazing and procrastination, but hey, room for improvement’s a good thing! ;)

London was kind, greeting me with lovely belated birthday presents from my friends in the form of a glorious, delicious giant macaron (Thanks, Annie!) that I devoured much faster than I should’ve.


I also got a beautiful pair of Nikes that I can’t help but adore on a daily basis. Mind you, they’re on my feet as this happens and what I often end up doing is seemingly smiling, no, grinning at the ground as I walk. I’ve also started habitually staring at the shoes that other people wear and mentally compare them with mine (Mine always wins, btw).

But it’s awful, really and I should stop, especially since I also do occasionally on a not-so-infrequent basis leave the house in yoga pants and a hoodie so if anyone should be judgin’, it definitely ain’t me!

Which begs the question – should any of us be judging?

But if you must, feast your eyes on these blue babies and let’s agree on a 10/10, shall we?

Shoes courtesy of this gang. :)

On a somewhat related note to deep life questions, as I’ve moved into my third year of Law school, I’ve started studying Jurisprudence which is a fancy way of saying ‘philosophy of law’ and I’m loving it! It’s a bit of a waffle-y subject that isn’t actually about anything besides ideas, but it’s a great subject for looking out the window in contemplation, because there’s nothing quite like concepts of law that gets those eyes glazed and thoughts tumbling around.

It’s a good thing then that over the summer, I picked up a new hobby – painting! I’ve found a lot of pleasure in water colours and although I’m about 90% sure I have no idea what I’m doing with the water and the mixing and the blending, I’m 100% sure I’m having fun. (YAY!)

So on days where my brain starts feeling a little clogged, I just sit at my table, pull out the brushes and start playing around. Another birthday gift I got was a wonderful adult colouring book that I’ve been busying myself with (Thanks, Mich!) and although I ambitiously started out with watercolours, I came to my senses later on and got myself a box of colouring pencils to really get those small bits in. It’s so much fun and surprisingly therapeutic because years ago, rather than calm me down, having to colour in small boxes without getting them out of the lines would’ve frustrated me!

It’s obviously a clear sign of aging – I’m mellowing. :D


Since being back, I’ve also attended a debate competition at King’s College, ranking 5th overall and 1st on the ESL tab. It was a lot of fun, especially as the motions were South East Asian themed and trust me, having British people who know absolutely nothing about Malaysia debate about our affirmative action policies can be pretty amusing because of the generalisations about developing countries in Asia. I reckon it’s how they feel when I try to confidently talk about European issues equipped with only a very basic understanding of the EU.. which is why, ladies and gentlemen, a holistic wholesome education is very important!

That aside, I’ve also been doing a lot of eating and a fair bit of cooking. Since being at university, I’ve definitely improved on my culinary skills and no longer balk at the fire igniting on the stove. But there’s a lot of room to grow and I should really put more effort into it!

Cutest snack ever! I always bite the head off first.

Dishoom when it was 50% off!

Generic student meal of pasta and chicken. Woo!

London is as it always is, busy and bustling with lots to see. I can’t ever imagine running out of things to do - I just need to really take some time out to do them!

London’s greatest icon.. and some red phonebooths in the background. LOL I crack myself up.

We stumbled across Liberty Mall the other day and it was so unique. It just exuded luxury which is strange as the wooden panels and flooring gave off such a homey feel, but yet walking in the store, I just knew we were walking in the midst of things we could definitely not afford. And well.. the 200 pounds pricetag for a ceramic kitchen decoration reaffirmed it a little more.

They had an entire section devoted to Christmas ornaments! Not quite ‘tis the season yet, but preparation’s always good!

What was in season however, were their Halloween treats on the ground floor! I’m warning you if you ever want to go candy shopping with me, I’m a toddler.

Yep, you know which one. I’ll run back and forth from display to display, and insist that you take a look at everything that I find amusing. Then I’ll probably want to buy it all, and get unnaturally excited about it. But like the toddler whose mother makes return the candy to the shelf, I too leave empty-handed, reluctantly admitting that practically, buying an empty jar labelled ‘Farts’ is probably a rip-off.


A Vague Sense of Unease on the other hand? Now that sounds like a bargain! :P

Vacation for the Seoul!

Friday, September 25, 2015

If you head to a country with expectations that actors and actresses are the sample space demographic, you'll be sorely disappointed, England being a prime example (Where are you Emma Watsons?). 

Reframe the situation for a country that's famed for its plastic surgery, and the expectations vs reality is vastly magnified. Is it testament to my superficiality that I spent a significant portion of my free time in the week I was in Korea scrutinizing the noses of locals to see if they were real? Because man, those nose bridges were sky high.

Plastic faces aside, the people came across completely genuine with great beaming smiles! It helps that I've spent a few hundred hours studying Korean culture and relationships (and by that, I mean a LOT of K-dramas) so I am pretty confident I was able to correctly classify the appropriate noonas, oppas, ahjummas, and ahjussis when walking in public. And if those words just flew over your head, they're a good sign that you've probably spent your free time more productively.

Pertaining specifically to this trip however, I'm glad that I spent so much time building those high expectations of Korea because it was that early "exposure" to their culture that made the trip so much more enjoyable. I've been to Korea before, a little over 10 years ago, and it could be that I hardly knew what I was doing 10 years ago, but the trip this time surely surpassed it. I felt that being able to relate to the extent of saying, "I've seen that in an episode somewhere!" made the trip that much more of an adventure.

I have a bit of a weird habit where if I know I'll be going somewhere, I avoid seeing pictures of it as much as possible to avoid "spoilers". There are some things that just cannot be avoided, like the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China, but if it can be helped, I choose travel destinations by just very briefly glancing through the description, avoiding pictures as much as possible to prime myself for maximum "awe". It sounds crazy just typing it out, but bear with me. It's just like surprising yourself! (But I take the opposite attitude to food so it's often an internal battle when both are involved.)

But now that I've gone through my Korea trip with an idea of what was there, I'm starting to rethink my self-surprising attitude. Maybe an episode of a local TV show before I travel? Or a book set in that city? Regardless, this trip has changed my travel style and I'm looking forward for the different ways I'll experience a new country next!

Yikes sorry, I've really digressed.

Let's talk Korea.

I loved Korea. I decided I loved it on the day I arrived as I breathed in fresh air (a more-than-nice change from the Malaysian haze) and had my first meal of BBQ-ed pork. I loved it even more when we flew from Seoul to Jeju Island and I had one of the best days ever.

When we were told that we'd be heading to Korea's Love Lock bridge in Namsan Park, a  I was really just expecting a bridge with padlocks attached throughout. But it was a gorgeous park and creatively arranged, where locks hung off pinetree-like structures with Seoul stretched out before us. Love From The Stars fans were meant to recognize the location but I didn't, so the filming probably made it look different! *reassures self*

DSC_0275DSC_0300My ahmunni!

Oh maaaa!


We didn't go up the Seoul Tower, but the view was fantastic regardless and we had a good time taking pictures and posing on their "broken" chairs. I didn’t break them wan okay!


LOL hello little boy.

Foodwise, I think Malaysians are pretty proud of our pork.

We show off our Siew Yuk and Char Siew and Bat Kut Teh because we find delicious ways to cook it in roughly 10,000 ways, but the BBQ pork we had was something special too!

DSC_0370DSC_0379Ginseng, wine, pine leaves, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste, and hot – 8 flavours of pork!

DSC_0375DSC_0376DSC_0384DSC_0387Check it out on TripAdvisor here!

Marinated in 9 different ways, when barbecued, the flavours of the meat come out in such an interesting way. The flavours are unconventional but delicious and is really something worth trying just for the wide variety of tastes in one meal.

My favourites were Pine Leaves and Curry, whilst my mom was more partial towards the Wine flavoured one.

Whilst Namsan Park was beautiful and lunch was delicious, what really escalated the day into One Of The Best Days Of My Life was when we flew to Jeju Island afterwards and got onto this beautiful yacht. Already it was fantastic because I love being on the ocean (boats are great and a yacht is totally a #lifegoal), but the cruise included some of my favourite things as well - red wine, pineapples, and sashimi!


As we cruised along the waters by Jeju Island, the winds grew stronger and the waves got bigger, lifting the yacht with each one and bringing it back down with a splash when it passed. We were walking on deck as this happened and it was so fun having the yacht rise and fall with the swell of the waves. Soon however, the staff started yelling out "The waves are getting stronger, the waves are getting stronger."

Now i completely expected the usual request for us to head back indoors due to the strong waves, but was so shocked when they ushered us to the front of the boat! Turns out, stronger waves made it a lot more fun to ride in front, feet dangling off the edge, with nothing but a sheet of tarp between us and the water. It was exhilarating and relaxing all at once, feeling the sea breeze brush against my face and seeing the waves beneath my feet. 

The air was so fresh and clean, and I don't know if it's because it's a different part of the sea or due to hygiene reasons, but whilst the air was salty from the sea, there wasn't the strong smell of fish that Malaysian waters offer.


I was joined by our Korean tour guide, who spoke Cantonese (which I do not speak) and soon after, a whole group of us were relaxing on the tarp, our backs to the ocean and eyes to the darkening sky. It was so relaxing and beautiful being there and I'm smiling just thinking of it.


The meal that followed, which was braised mackerel fish was a really yummy way to end the night. 

Like Assam laksa broth without the Assam, the soup was so delicious I had about 6 helpings before I realized my clothes were getting tight and breathing became a little difficult. It's not for everyone though due to its strong flavour, the sort that belongs in the you-hate-it-or-you-love-it camp, so my glowing reviews of its silky smooth fish and just-spicy-enough broth could be inapplicable to many. But as they say. when in Korea, do as the Koreans do and well, there's really only one way to find out.


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