Blessings are stars; let’s get counting

Saturday, January 10, 2015
I was in a wonderful mood the whole of today as we wrapped up the LSE100 course with our final exam and after a delicious Korean lunch at a hidden gem I am tempted to keep secret, a few friends and I headed to Somerset House for some ice skating as part of the Aerobics social event.



It’s common to hear that you have fewer friends as you grow older. Whilst still blessed to be in university with the opportunity to meet new, wonderful people at every corner, it isn’t surprising though that as adults, holding onto friendships don’t come by as easily. Gone are the days of being able to show up in school after being MIA for two months over the holidays, and being able to resume conversations, jokes, and share stories without needing to justify where you’ve been.

Nowadays, friendships require effort. People talk about how you have to put time and care and thought into your friendships and whilst I agree to an extent, I do miss the days of casual friendships where one can call just to say hi, or nudge on MSN for a chat that didn’t require much effort to start or carry on.

Accidental friendships are the best kinds, when you forget that you didn’t know each other before and over time, you forget what meeting each other was like because you just can’t imagine not being friends. There is a tipping point from being acquaintances to becoming friends and it’s such a glorious, magical blessing when the balance shifts. clip_image003

I was clearing out the pictures in my phone because their beauty is too much for the meagre storage of my iPhone to handle (too many selfies duh) and realized just how many wonderful memories were made by having wonderful friends to enhance my year.


Being a Committee Member in the LSESU Malaysia Club meant that at least an hour of every week was spent discussing matters related to the club. It meant hours on the computer working on posters or banners, but it also meant working with a great team that was generous with their gratitude (I get a thank you after every poster and that’s just for doing my job!) and tactful with their criticism.

It was a supportive environment and I am so privileged to have been a part of it. Most of us, myself included, have officially stepped down from our roles but I think once you become a part of something, like being a Prefect or Debate Society Committee Member, you never truly step away from the responsibility and pride you feel with the club.
In that vein, I’m really looking forward to what the new committee has in store for LSE! clip_image003[1]
I am also privileged with friends to see the world with!

Whether that means exploring London..

Exploring KL..

Or just exploring the world together..

It means that you have a group of people that you’re learning with, growing with, and exploring with. Being able to experience wonder with someone else is an amazing thing. And of course, friends take pictures for you when you’re travelling.. and true friends know your angle. clip_image008

I was lucky this year to get the opportunity to do a lot of learning with friends in the previous term.


Andrea, and Joyce, and I represented LSE at the Finals of the Taylor Wessing Commercial Challenge. Ultimately coming second, I learned so much from them about presentation styles and efficient working.

Coming from 3 different countries from South East Asia, we dubbed ourselves the LAWgic SEAkers (PLS LAUGH WE ARE FUNNY) and pitched to partners of the firm on a technology deal.


We also tried our hand at the Allen & Overy Think! Challenge, and obtained third place for that. This one was loads of fun because you’re meant to go in unprepared to handle a case study with common sense. Great stuff! clip_image011

I was lucky to have friends who literally went the distance and took the time to meet up.


Like Alvin who came by train to London and gave a ring for a quick meet-up..


And like Chien Teng who flew across oceans, and took the time to meet up with us! And it is very exciting being able to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while, reminisce, and learn more about what they’re up to. Pride is an understatement when I hear the things my friends get up to!

And it’s probably how fans of Youtube artists feel when their star makes it big. Like ‘Hey! I knew you were amazing a long long time ago before the world validated you! I’m glad everyone else is finally seeing it.”

If we aren’t consciously making an effort to be grateful, it’s easy for everyday beauty to (for lack of a better word) fade into normalcy. And that’s squandering a huge opportunity to be happy.

And if that means being excited about a grumpy study buddy on the tube..


(Don’t be fooled by the smile, he’s a Grinch on a normal basis clip_image011[1])

And being happy about having lunch together with your housemates..

Or if you actually do go on adventures by cycling around London with your siblings..

Or clubbing with your childhood friends..

And/Or going fishing with them..

Being silly..

And even having fun learning about Christ together..

(At our church’s weekend away.)

Then yeah! Sign me up for perpetual excitement because it’s a wonderful way to live. clip_image021

I’m so grateful I have people around me who make my daily events so special, and my special events so meaningful.

Birthday celebration!

Birthday #2

And Christmas!

I babble too much so a collage on Instagram just wouldn’t have sufficed! If you made it all the way to the end of this post, yay you! clip_image003[2] *sprinkles thanks over you*

And for an element of accountability, I’ve put up my New Year’s Resolutions for the year! Haha, they sound pretty similar to the previous year’s, but hey, people have lifetime goals okay! One year at a time. clip_image003[3]

2015 Resolutions!

1. Travel to 5 new places
2. Update my blog regularly
3. Reach 1000 followers on Instagram (Yes, this is a legit goal! Will elaborate more if it actually happens)
4. Learn Mandarin (ie put effort into it!)
5. Daily devotion
6. Learn to cook! - food diary them!
7. Do something meaningful
8. Try something new
9. Make use of LSE better - speak to my teachers, read library books, whatever.
10. No phones at the dinner table - unless relevant or necessary
11. Regularly sleep by 1am
12. Save money!
13. Read a book a month?

Signing off,
The festive residents of the Pink Panther! clip_image003[4]

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  1. This may seem irrelevant to your post. But i have been reading your blog for quite a while now. I just started CAL this year and would like to seek a few advice from you (i am taking the same subs as you) Your results are amazing! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work :)

    1. Hi, it's so great to receive a comment from you. :) Support means the world. Thanks for that, haha I was really blessed when it came to my results. And yeah, sure go ahead and ask, I'll reply when I find the time! :)


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