Saturday, February 14, 2015

You’d think by being halfway through my degree, I’d at least develop a certain degree of certainty when it comes to giving advice. But on the contrary, whilst there have been improvements with the way I read articles (I don’t actually need to read a sentence four times to understand it now! – three would suffice) and I’ve developed a somewhat systematic highlighting style, when it comes to dilemmas, I’m now even more torn in between.

Well, where is this going? I’m not quite sure myself, but with reading week having just begun and the realization that OH MY GOODNESS I am HALFWAY through my degree (?!?!?!?!?!?!?), if I can hardly be certain of my stance on a problem question (Is this a trust?! IS IT REALLY??), how am I supposed to decide how I’m going to spend my summer, let alone the rest of my entire life!

So, a minor existential crisis has been brewing for a while, but I’m certain of a few things in life:

1) I love law. I love studying it and learning it and whilst I may not enjoy the amount of work that has the potential to pile up and overflow and absolutely suffocate you if one isn’t careful, I feel very lucky that I am able to study something I think is pretty cool.

2) I am the happiest I remember being. Sleep comes easy every night and every ounce of stress that builds up every now and then dissipates quickly. We’re often afraid to admit we’re happy because the threat of that being snatched away looms near, but I feel good about this joy I feel, and embracing it feels good, regardless of its permanence. Open-mouthed smile

3) I am also, the clumsiest person.. ever.

There isn’t really any way to say this whilst preserving my dignity besides blatantly lying (and I will do no such thing!), but the truth is, I sprained my ankle whilst saving a cat from a tree I took a wrong step in aerobics class, (probably the mildest of exercise classes) heard a horrifyingly loud crack, then proceeded to burst out in frenzied laughter upon the realisation that I had sprained my ankle.. again.

photo 1
Biggest facepalm I could give.

And cue the panicked phonecall to the NHS nearby, frantically asking if they would stay open just a bit longer for me to hobble to the clinic and get it bandaged up, followed by the near-delirious phonecalls I had to make to random friends I knew were in school to please please help carry me to the clinic after a normally 2 minute walk took 7 minutes, with my one arm slung over Shyh Jin, and my other slung over Michelle, THEN upon arrival it was just a mess of bandages and tears and finally, despite my numerous protests, I ended up with a letter for an X-Ray in my left hand, a crutch in my right, and found myself in a cab with poor Shyh Jin on the way to UCL Hospital.

IN FACT, this was so totally unplanned that I feel I must share in more detail because as this was all going on, a couple of streets away, friends were starting to gather for a surprise birthday party for a very special person (hehehe) that I jointly organised! I was so adamant on not getting an X-Ray, insisting I was fine with a wrap and a crutch, but the doctor took his thumb and jabbed it roughly onto the side of my right foot, and when I was reduced to a crying, blubbering mess from the pain, he asked again: So, do you still think you don’t need an X-Ray now?”


photo 3
The epitome of poise.

So.. off I went and thankfully, it was all fine in the end with no fracture and us all dramatically arriving at the party after everyone else had finished their food and right before the cake was served. *applause*

photo 4
Saviour to the rescue! #truefriendship

This is the first time I’ve ever taken such good care of my ankle post-sprain and have been diligently resting, moving around on crutches and having my very Asian dosage of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation!).

Making it a part of my fashion statement Winking smile

On the way to church.. Very soon after down the very very long road I ditched the crutches and got piggybacked there.

And life with crutches have been pretty eye opening. For the first time, the Fitness First ambassadors that crowd the corridors on the way to school don’t approach me to sign up for a membership, people part the way when I walk through a crowd (POWER OF THE CRUTCH), I realize the difficulty of non-disabled friendly infrastructure where ramps are few and steps are abundant.

Confined to my doctor-prescribed house arrest, I haven’t been able to go out much but what would this blog be without a hint of food so I took the chance for a little treat for lunch by heading to Canton Element. It was pleasantly surprised at the set lunch offered for under 9 pounds which came with a pretty substantial starter.


Beef flank noodles on wan tan mee! Not a clue what the actual name on the menu was, because the wrong order was delivered but I enjoyed it nonetheless (and they were really willing to change it!)

Pork dumplings! So juicy and really good.

And delicious scallop shui mai!

A meal is only complete with dessert and Baby J’s brought get-well-soon, thanks-for-letting-me-stay-with-you, you-are-my-best-friend-forever-and-ever cupcakes from Crumbs & Doilies.




So, I’m a walking disaster but I’m a happy, well-fed one, and if you have to be limping around everywhere, at least enjoy it, right?

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