Friday, April 17, 2015
I’m alive, thanks for asking! Open-mouthed smile

It’s been almost an entire month, and long gone are the days where I used to blog so frequently that you’d find something new on here everyday! In fact, I used to blog so often that people would ask me to slow down so they could catch up. Rolling on the floor laughing

Well, is this enough time to catch up now? HUH? HUHH!?!?!

Naww, I kid.

I get it! In today’s world, young ‘uns aren’t going to be reading blogs! They’re out in the world, embracing the sun, doing things, meeting people, living life! No one has time to be on their computers or phones, scrolling through random ramblings of an undergraduate law student.. Random photographs, however? Now that’s another story. Smile with tongue out

Before I’m allowed to digress further, because work is seriously piling up as exams loom near (AHHHHH!!!), I just wanted to share the wonderful dinner I just had!

I’m a firm believer that all work and poor food makes Tiffany a very unhappy girl, so found the time to squeeze in a scrumptious Italian dinner today at Isolabella! (And it helps that it’s a mere 3 minute walk away from my place (And only 10 minutes from LSE!))

All smiles!

The service was fast, the food was great, and everything was cheap! But before I talk about the great 50% off discount we had, take a look at what we ate! Open-mouthed smile

Clockwise from top: King prawn pasta in garlic and white wine, fried courgettes, chocolate mousse cake, and my staple Italian dessert – tiramisu!

The pasta was delicious and came in a decent portion too! Garlicky and yummy, with the pasta a little chewy (maybe slightly harder than al dente), the prawns were peeled and it was a great dish to share!
Courgettes were so so good – I’m almost surprised by how much I liked them! (They are vegetables, after all Sick smile). But they were juicy and crispy and not over-battered. If only it came with more salt or some salsa and it would’ve been absolutely perfect!

Mousse was good, but how badly can you screw up chocolate? Whilst the tiramisu didn’t make it to the top of my list (a little too light for my liking), it was good and coffee-infused, and could possibly even be credited for this late-night post. Smile with tongue out

We also ordered a lamb shank with white risotto which was generous and glorious and deserved a picture all on its own!


The risotto was so good, and the lamb shank was.. well, it was lamb shank! Smile with tongue out Hahah, I really enjoyed this dish, especially when I scooped the right amount of carrot, risotto, mushroom, and lamb all in one bite to make that perfect spoonful! *sighs blissfully*

The lamb could’ve used some gravy in my opinion, but it was still really enjoyable and so worth the money because everything that we ordered above only cost…

Wait for it..


Surprised smile
I’ve just recently discovered the marvels of Open Table and there’s a 50% discount when you book with them! < For your convenience! You’re welcome. Winking smile
And if you’re wondering about the ambience, it was a pretty nice atmosphere! Although when we went in at 7pm, the lights were super bright. Over the meal, the lights were gradually being dimmed  that by the time we left, it had noticeably darkened.

Hahah, book at 11pm lor, then you’re eating in the dark. No need for Dans le noir anymore. Smile with tongue out
Jokes aside, if you’re looking to head there, you can take a look at their website here!

Happy Easter, everyone! Study hard, but don’t burn yourself out. Chocolate is good (and a healthy dose of endorphins is always welcome) in this dark, difficult time so stock up good and buckle down!

DSC_6240My Easter treat. Open-mouthed smile

Till next time,

(Can’t believe I’m turning 21 this year, lololol)
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