Review: Kettner’s, Soho

Friday, June 5, 2015

I’m not certain how long this enthusiasm will go on for, but I’m planning to get a food review on here every Friday – Foodie Friday if you will. Or something less cringe-worthy and catchy, but I’m gonna need some time to think about it! Maybe not just food reviews, but things I cook up in the kitchen as well!

Yes, shocking, I know! I went from being the friend who would burn food in the microwave to loving cooking (I’m telling you now, if you ever microwave char siew too long, it disintegrates into a pool of fat LOL), even concocting (haha what a word!) new recipes when I have the time. Some have failed horribly (if you learn one thing today, it’s that asparagus from a can and chicken breasts are not a good combination – just a horrible mess of squish and tough *shudders*) whilst others have made their way proudly onto Favourites list! I have so much to share and a weekly thing sounds like the perfect recipe to feed my enthusiasm for cook-tinuous blogging.

That was awful, please forgive me.

Anyway, let’s talk about Kettner’s.

Having buried my head in Law books for over 3 months, I repeatedly Google Mapped for Kernott’s (Jones v Kernott, hyuk hyuk, *nerdy snort*) and got so frustrated when no search results came out! Gah! But I have seen the error of my ways, eventually found my way to Kettner’s, which is just a few minutes away from Cambridge Theatre.

If you remember my review on Isolabella,you’d know that I recently discovered the wonders of OpenTable’s Special Offers and am trying to spend my post-exam meals at those places. Kettner’s was one of them, with 50% with an order of a minimum of 2 courses. 

My lovely lunch companions!

Kettner’s main draw has definitely got to be the environment! The restaurant is so lovely and pretty, with huge rooms and wonderful service. The staff are polite and smiley, the toilets are wonderfully plush, and is the sort of place that would invite a low whistle and a wink: Fanccyyy.


Their 50% off excluded their lobsters, steak, and caviar, which is understandable, but didn’t leave us with a lot of choice. I went for the duck leg, whilst En Leang and Zheng Xi both favoured the pork belly.


The food was plated beautifully and the portions were decent. At least for me! For En Leang, his pork belly was significantly thinner than Zhengs, which doesn’t quite help with the dining experience.

Duck leg.

Pork belly.

I am so unaccustomed to pork belly as a dish in itself – I keep thinking it should be sliced and served on a bed of rice! But for fans of the dishes, I don’t think you’d be particularly disappointed nor impressed with the meal at Kernott’s  Kettner’s. It wasn’t surprising or weird, and nothing to scream about, but if you’re the kind that prioritizes your camera’s appetite, the food here are eager models!

DSC_0094We ordered their crème brûlée, which doesn’t ever go wrong in my book!

Sticky toffee pudding, with salted caramel icecream and some lao fung-ed (Stale? Non-crunchy?) caramel popcorn!  

And the prettiest cheesecake I have ever seen. IT WAS PASTEL and pink and gorgeous, the bridesmaid’s gown of desserts!

I had a lovely meal, and if you’re just looking for somewhere new to try with a hint of class, then a booking at Kettner’s on OpenTable is very worth it! We paid 14 pounds each for our meal, after service for 3 mains and 3 desserts – what a deal.

It’s so easy as well, all you have to do is follow the link below:

Make a reservation, and they’ll ask you to select the Special Offer you want. Just pick the 50% off, and when you attend your reservation, the restaurant immediately applies it to your bill. It’s so discreet and no need for fumbling around with Groupon vouchers or special codes.

The main OpenTable page has lists of restaurants with discounts and it’s so easy to use. I’m pretty hooked on the website and have already gone to 3 of their restaurants this week. I’ll be reviewing more of their restaurants with offers when I can so check back for more. Open-mouthed smile

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