10 Signs You’ve Returned to Malaysia After a Year In The UK

Thursday, July 2, 2015
1. You instinctively fill up your water bottle from the tap, catch yourself before you take a legitimate gulp, then start freaking out because you’re worried you’d get cholera.

imageWhich you apparently won’t. Sure, SYABAS, suuree.

2. You stand on the right side of the escalator only to realize that.. no one else is. Forget walking up and down escalators! If Malaysians wanted to walk, they’d take the stairs.

3. Malls are 10x more amazing upon return. Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road have their own appeal, but nothing quite compares to having a cinema, an arcade, hundreds of shops, restaurants, and banks all in ONE building.

4. Cars become both liberating and claustrophobic. One minute you’re happy to drive / be driven around everywhere, the next, you’re missing the good ol’ Underground, not having to park, and as you sleep at night, you find yourself whispering “Freedom.. Freedom.. Where art thou..”

5. “Well, back in London we..” “Oh, in UK, people say..” You find yourself constantly talking about the UK. It’s easy to forget that people are less likely to pretend to care here.

6. The Internet sucks. Full stop.

7. I call it reverse culture shock. Once you’ve been overseas for a while, coming back home starts feeling foreign. People seem too rude, the weather is too hot, and everything is too dirty.

8. “OMG food is so cheap! And omg it’s so good! A meal for the whole family is what? 12 pounds!” “Eh, eh, divide by 6, not 5!” OMG SO CHEAAP. You start converting everything to Pounds and suddenly feel like a millionaire.


9. Until you realize it isn’t. What? Ben & Jerry’s cost RM30?! Sainsbury’s £2 deals never seemed so good..

10. You shrug off the burden of self-sufficiency, bask in the glow of your loving family and friends, and by the end of it..


I wanna stay home foreverrrrr!
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