Camden Town Market

Thursday, July 9, 2015
It’s hotter in Malaysia, but the heat is 10x more unbearable in London, where air-conditioning is nearly non-existent and it’s socially unacceptable to use an umbrella in the heat. People will stare. 

And laugh.

Experience is a wise teacher.

But on good days, where the sun shines bright and skies are blue, but the breeze blows cool and the temperature is low, throw on a maxi dress and days like those become perfect days. We were blessed to have one such day before I flew back to celebrate boyfriend’s and my anniversary (*pops champagne* *throws confetti* *sets off fireworks*) and we headed to Camden to satisfy our (mainly my) food market cravings.

Straddling the border between Zone 1 and Zone 2, Camden Town Market comes highly recommended because:

i) It’s easy to get to; buses stop right outside! (214 and more) 

ii) Visitors there are very people-watching worthy 

iii) It’s open EVERYDAYYY!


Perfect weather from the front seat on the top deck. Best way to ride a double-decker!

The market took a bit of a hunt to find because of some construction, but ask around and you’ll be easily directed. And when we got there, oh gee, so much to see!


I think I’m a terribly confusing market companion because my plan changes with every step. But hey, when everything looks so good, can you really blame me? I start off wanting this and that, but believe in doing the entire tour of the market to really be sure. However by the time we’ve walked through half the market, I’ve partially lost resolve due to hunger, changed my mind on the initial this and that, and eventually find myself forgetting what it was that I wanted initially.

And even if I do remember, I am not a risk taker with market food. It isn’t a matter of hygiene or stomach upsets, but I get so worried that I won’t like something. There’s so much pressure!! Every object of consumption you choose incurs an opportunity cost for the other safe, yummy thing you could’ve gotten instead!

So for our market visit, we went with these relatively safe options of kebab and Mac & Cheese!


And although I keep thinking that the deep-fried pizza or the shrimp burger would’ve been a more adventurous market option, the food we got was still really good! The chicken kebab was good and filling, accompanied by some rice and a salad, whilst the Mac & Cheese was so so gooey (mmmmmm…) and made even better with the crispy bread crumbs on top! The portion was a lot bigger than expected though so I recommend sharing it. I’m a massive cheese lover but even still, found it too much after half.


Loads of seats under huge umbrellas so it’s a great place to grab a meal!

Ask for ice from drink stalls, fill your cup with water and you’re set!

And yes, I brought a cap. Caps are wonderful, everyone should bring caps everywhere. They’re like face umbrellas but so much more portable and you need not use your hands. If only umbrellas could be worn as caps, I swear the world would be a much more comfortable place to live in.

Look ridiculous on the streets.. Then take it off for photos!

Like so!


We spent the rest of the day having more delicious food, building a beautiful rabbit named Lily, and basking in the greatness of each other’s company.

Before Lily got stuffed with her wonderful cotton-candy scented innards!

That’s all for now. Open-mouthed smile

I’ll be back for more, Camden Town! Rolling on the floor laughing
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