The trouble with surprises.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
I’ll get back to blogging about my trip soon but first, let’s just talk about my and Jo’s epic failure at surprising Celine for her birthday. Crying face

So Ce’s 21st birthday just passed a little under a week ago, but Jo and I knew we couldn’t be there with her physically to surprise her! And so, we concocted a plan to lure her out on the pretence of a normal lunch about a month before her birthday, get her a cake, and then take her with us to get her present in the right size.

We were all in the same house so it was pretty difficult to speak without being overheard, so we had to Whatsapp and whisper our way through our plans when we finally decided to minimize suspicion by Jo going out on the morning of the lunch to ‘run errands’ when she was really picking up the cake, whilst I would take/accompany Ce for lunch.

HAHA this is so sad, but Jo ended up walking for ages and ages looking for an open Paul, and the only 2 stores she went to were both closed! When she finally decided that Paul was a no-go, she went to Hummingbird Bakery, made the order, and as she was about to receive the cake from the cashier, realized that she didn’t bring her purse out with her!

So there I was, walking with Ce on the way to our lunch venue (which we changed at the last minute), on the phone with a very frustrated Jo who was near our initial lunch place.. and realizing that our surprise plan was going very, very poorly. HAHA, and so, the gig was up! I had to tell Ce that we were celebrating her birthday, and brought her along with me to the nearest Paul.. to pick up her own cake.

I’m sorry, Celine! We will do better next time hahahaha. We love you! Red heart


Then it got me thinking and ultimately concluding.. that Jo is really bad with surprises! Okay, I have to take partial responsibility for this one since it would’ve been more logical for me to go out to get the cake in the morning as I live in London, so that’s my bad. BUT.. Hahahaha, she’s going to be so upset with me for this post, and I assure you, she is the most well-meaning person there is, but when it comes to surprises, she almost always gives it away!

I haven’t really blogged about my birthdays for the past few years but they are such great memories that I thought to share them on here for a bit.

In 2013, Jo invited me out with some friends to Sunway Lagoon for my birthday. But, there was actually a surprise party planned for after that. Now, she had been acting really suspiciously for the days before, asking questions about what I was going to do and where I was going to go, and being strangely evasive over everything!

Hahah AND she was asking really direct questions like ‘What IF I had a party, who would I want there’. So suspicion was already there.. and it was confirmed when on the day itself, she was strangely MIA and made up very bizzare stories about using the bathroom and having problems at the carpark.

I don’t remember the details of this, but to remove all doubt, hours before the party, I was next to one of my friends who was at Sunway Lagoon with us when beep! His phone buzzed and there it was, ‘Tiffany’s Surprise Birthday!’ flashed across the screen as an event alert from Facebook.

LOL IT WAS SO FUNNY because when I entered the venue and saw everyone there, I didn’t know whether I had to pretend to be surprised!

I can’t remember what I went with in the end, but it was such a wonderful birthday and I had so much fun.

With the best cake ever! An adorable ice cream cake!!

Alright, thinking about it a little more, the surprise being leaked wasn’t really Jo’s fault. Maybe it’s less of that, and more of the fact that I’m a very suspicious person. Hmmm..

Haha, a year later in 2014, a few of us friends were out playing board games. However, that evening, it was meant to be En Leang’s surprise birthday that we wanted to throw for him. But, I kept suspecting that it was going to be a dual celebration for us both.

When I told Jo that we may have to change the date of the event, she was very very insistent. You HAVE to come, she said.

“But I want to spend time with Seth…”

“I know you want to spend time with him.. But not today.”


And it was!

Hahah, it must’ve been such a nightmare to organize, with me trying to get involved to help plan it when part of it was for me too, as well as the intention to change the date, so I think I need to cut Jo some slack. Thanks for all the effort! Smile

Actually, En Leang had to leave early for another event with his family, and I ended up having to tell him about the suspicions of a surprise so HAHA, it’s my fault too for ruining it for him.

AND, there was this other time where we were throwing Sanjana a surprise party and had the cake hidden in the kitchen. When I popped in and out of the kitchen, I had to make up a ridiculously bad excuse about interviewing the chef for my blog. Hahaha, she obviously didn’t buy it.

Surprises are incredibly difficult to pull off, because you’re often doing them for someone you care about, which generally involves lying to people you care about, and that’s so difficult!


So I take it back. It really isn’t just her. Later on in the month, En Leang invited me out for a birthday lunch, but accidentally kept naming all the other people invited! So not much of a surprise there either.


Regardless of whether it was a surprise or not, I find myself being so thankful every year during my birthday month because the people you really love and care about put so much effort and time into making sure you have a wonderful day. When they try to make it a surprise, they try to make it a day that would be better than what you’d expect. Even when they don’t, when they do take the time out of their lives to pay attention to you for one day, that’s such an honour!

I really enjoy celebrating the birthdays of my friends. It’s like you get to show your love and affection for your friends on a day where the focus is really on them! It’s just such a joyous occasion to be able to celebrate, and I’m thankful that I still have friends I care enough about to want to celebrate their birthdays.


More blessings than I can count. Red heart
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