Has it been that long?

Monday, October 26, 2015
It’s hard to believe that I once eagerly filled this space every day when it’s been ages since I felt like I really wrote anything. I’ve been back in London for a month now, although it seems like barely a weekend ago that I boarded the plane to London, eager to begin my third year.

It’s different everytime I fly back here. The first time, it was nervewrecking. London was big and vast and so utterly new and the thought of leaving my family behind for months at a time seemed so agonizing. After summer break, it was anticipatory. I was looking forward to moving into my flat, meeting my boyfriend, and reuniting with the friends I hadn’t seen all summer! Studying law wasn’t such a shock anymore and I was eager for the Salsa classes, bible study, Mandarin lessons, and Aerobics classes that I spent second year busy with.

This time, it’s heartbreaking.

Knowing that it would be the last time for a while that I’d be flying back to London to catch its beautiful autumn leaves, wear those winter coats, and don those woolly sweaters and scarves.. Knowing that my Undergraduate life was coming to a close, work loomed ahead, responsibilities quick to follow, and the thought of being separated from Seth for years on end..

But maybe heartbreaking is too strong of a term. It was also eager – I had just recently decided that I really wanted to end my last year just really doing Law properly; I was going to finish all my readings and really utilize the excellent resources the school had to offer; I was keen on meeting my friends and breathing in fresh London air; I was looking forward to learn and play and travel and live in this beautiful city for one more year.

So, more appropriately, flying back this time was bittersweet.

From the moment I arrived, it’s been a blast.

I was really set on making the most of my time here, with both work and play, and so far, it’s been wonderful. I could definitely do with a lot less lazing and procrastination, but hey, room for improvement’s a good thing! ;)

London was kind, greeting me with lovely belated birthday presents from my friends in the form of a glorious, delicious giant macaron (Thanks, Annie!) that I devoured much faster than I should’ve.


I also got a beautiful pair of Nikes that I can’t help but adore on a daily basis. Mind you, they’re on my feet as this happens and what I often end up doing is seemingly smiling, no, grinning at the ground as I walk. I’ve also started habitually staring at the shoes that other people wear and mentally compare them with mine (Mine always wins, btw).

But it’s awful, really and I should stop, especially since I also do occasionally on a not-so-infrequent basis leave the house in yoga pants and a hoodie so if anyone should be judgin’, it definitely ain’t me!

Which begs the question – should any of us be judging?

But if you must, feast your eyes on these blue babies and let’s agree on a 10/10, shall we?

Shoes courtesy of this gang. :)

On a somewhat related note to deep life questions, as I’ve moved into my third year of Law school, I’ve started studying Jurisprudence which is a fancy way of saying ‘philosophy of law’ and I’m loving it! It’s a bit of a waffle-y subject that isn’t actually about anything besides ideas, but it’s a great subject for looking out the window in contemplation, because there’s nothing quite like concepts of law that gets those eyes glazed and thoughts tumbling around.

It’s a good thing then that over the summer, I picked up a new hobby – painting! I’ve found a lot of pleasure in water colours and although I’m about 90% sure I have no idea what I’m doing with the water and the mixing and the blending, I’m 100% sure I’m having fun. (YAY!)

So on days where my brain starts feeling a little clogged, I just sit at my table, pull out the brushes and start playing around. Another birthday gift I got was a wonderful adult colouring book that I’ve been busying myself with (Thanks, Mich!) and although I ambitiously started out with watercolours, I came to my senses later on and got myself a box of colouring pencils to really get those small bits in. It’s so much fun and surprisingly therapeutic because years ago, rather than calm me down, having to colour in small boxes without getting them out of the lines would’ve frustrated me!

It’s obviously a clear sign of aging – I’m mellowing. :D


Since being back, I’ve also attended a debate competition at King’s College, ranking 5th overall and 1st on the ESL tab. It was a lot of fun, especially as the motions were South East Asian themed and trust me, having British people who know absolutely nothing about Malaysia debate about our affirmative action policies can be pretty amusing because of the generalisations about developing countries in Asia. I reckon it’s how they feel when I try to confidently talk about European issues equipped with only a very basic understanding of the EU.. which is why, ladies and gentlemen, a holistic wholesome education is very important!

That aside, I’ve also been doing a lot of eating and a fair bit of cooking. Since being at university, I’ve definitely improved on my culinary skills and no longer balk at the fire igniting on the stove. But there’s a lot of room to grow and I should really put more effort into it!

Cutest snack ever! I always bite the head off first.

Dishoom when it was 50% off!

Generic student meal of pasta and chicken. Woo!

London is as it always is, busy and bustling with lots to see. I can’t ever imagine running out of things to do - I just need to really take some time out to do them!

London’s greatest icon.. and some red phonebooths in the background. LOL I crack myself up.

We stumbled across Liberty Mall the other day and it was so unique. It just exuded luxury which is strange as the wooden panels and flooring gave off such a homey feel, but yet walking in the store, I just knew we were walking in the midst of things we could definitely not afford. And well.. the 200 pounds pricetag for a ceramic kitchen decoration reaffirmed it a little more.

They had an entire section devoted to Christmas ornaments! Not quite ‘tis the season yet, but preparation’s always good!

What was in season however, were their Halloween treats on the ground floor! I’m warning you if you ever want to go candy shopping with me, I’m a toddler.

Yep, you know which one. I’ll run back and forth from display to display, and insist that you take a look at everything that I find amusing. Then I’ll probably want to buy it all, and get unnaturally excited about it. But like the toddler whose mother makes return the candy to the shelf, I too leave empty-handed, reluctantly admitting that practically, buying an empty jar labelled ‘Farts’ is probably a rip-off.


A Vague Sense of Unease on the other hand? Now that sounds like a bargain! :P

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