Brr - Winter’s calling!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
As we approach the end of term, the pull of a holiday-to-come is bringing restlessness into the classroom. Besides the fact that I'm seeing fewer and fewer people each week, I've found myself fidgeting in my seat more than usual, having to forcefully pull myself back from the party in my head to the lesson at hand, and horrifyingly, I feel myself turning into that university zombie with glazed eyes and methodological typing. On the bright side, I think my touch-typing skills have improved so much in the past few years, I could be blindfolded, spun around twenty times, and could probably still type out word-for-word what's going on.

Pssst, lawyers-to-be, there's always transcription work if the legal world doesn't call to you.

I’ve been keeping busy the past few weeks and headed to Coventry for a weekend for Alvin’s birthday! Alvin and I became friends in college over a shared interest in pursuing law (amongst other things), but it just goes to show how differently life can turn out in a matter of years. Not only is he not studying law (ugh, ditcher :p), but in the time that I’ve known him, he became an uncle, we both got our driver’s license (although one of us - guess who? - doesn’t drive), we both ended up in different universities… and the scariest part? We’re both graduating soon!

In fact, almost all of us are!

A pic of the group of us in 2012, and at the party in 2015 stolen off @shyhjin’s Instagram.

It was the first time in a really long time that the five of us got to meet up again, but it was really nice just seeing each other, basking in the familiarity of one another.

Happy birthday, Alvin! Great job on the surprise and the cake, Nicole! Winking smile

My half chicken for lunch Smile with tongue out Which I pretty much polished off, thank you very much.

You know how everyone agrees to pull a silly face for a group photo, and one person somehow doesn’t get the message? *cough Shyh Jin cough*

Although we all met up for the party on a Saturday, Seth, Shyh Jin, and I arrived the day before for a little touristing.

Huge thanks to Baby J who kindly hosted Seth and me, cooked for us, and took care of us for the night! Open-mouthed smile

As J was busy with classes that evening, the three of us caught a train from Coventry to Birmingham to check out the Christmas Market! As its famed for being the biggest German market in Europe that’s.. not in Germany (non-German German market?), we thought to pay a visit.

My forever +1

LOLOL and our very bright bulb.

I love spending time alone with Seth, but I also really enjoy having company with us too! She pretends to put up with a lot of our cringe-worthy moments, but I know she secretly likes them hahah even if I do coerce her into taking loads of pictures of us.

Our Lady & The Tramp moment! That was a delicious bratwurst, by the way. Besides the fact that it seemed neverending, it was hot and salty and perfect for a cold day up North.

Look at the group behind me all enjoying their Bratwursts!

The market itself was lovely, with fairy lights lining the stalls that held little trinkets and goodies nestled within. If you asked me to compare it to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland though, I’d have a hard time doing a fair comparison. I most definitely prefer the crowds at Hyde Park, and the layout of the market because once you’re there, you basically see everything! But with Birmingham, it was well spaced out which made it less crowded, but it also made it less exciting or less atmospheric? I didn’t get to take a look at the Ice Rink or its ferris wheel (because its so spaced out!) but I still had lots of fun!


We came home that night with a box of chocolate coated marshmallows in an assortment of flavours, ranging from Lime to Whiskey, and it was a sweet finish to a great day!

Heading to Dublin this week for a brief getaway, and will be paying a visit to Winter Wonderland soon after! Exciting stuff ahead, with a flight back to Malaysia over the Christmas break and a project I’m working on which would be great with your support!

This is what I shared on Facebook:
In the spirit of Christmas, I was hoping my friends on Facebook would be interested in a project I'm involved in.
Two summers ago, I went with a mission group to teach at a small school in a village in Sabah. These kids are children of immigrants in Malaysia, but they are born and bred in Malaysia, speak fluent Malay and very much consider Malaysia their home. But because of their parents’ circumstances, the kids do not have birth certificates or identity cards and cannot enrol in government schools, thus not being able to receive education except through independent schools like the one I went to help out at.

A friend of mine who hosted the mission trip initiated a project called Backpack of Blessings a year ago, aimed at providing these children in Sabah stationery for them to go to school. The pictures in this post were from last year's efforts. Having stationery of their own is a huge incentive for these kids to take their education seriously in an environment where it is hardly prioritised.

In order to raise funds for Backpack for Blessings, I am looking for sponsors of these backpacks, which will be sourced and packed by my friend in Malaysia, and the entire backpack, consisting of a pencil box, stationery and notepads will cost about £5 per backpack.

We will also attach a note with each backpack from the sponsor so whoever sends a bag can communicate directly with the recipient. I’ll be collecting these notes in the UK before I fly back to Malaysia on the 17th of December, but if you’d like to send a digital message, that’s fine as well!

We promise to keep everyone updated on the progress of this project, and will send pictures of your sponsored child with your bag once they get dropped off in January!

You can sign up to get involved at the link below!

Feel free to share this with your friends who may be interested!


Fingers crossed that this will really take off and we’d be able to make a difference!

Till next time!
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