Wake-up call.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


What other city wakes up in time with the morning sun, singing in mellow falsettos with guitars strumming softly in the background, as cars fill up the streets, buses and their double decks multiplying to their morning shifts… as small lights glitter in the distance whilst eyelids flutter open.

I've never had such a graceful wake-up call.


Pulled myself out of bed on an early Saturday morning, drunk on sleep I wish I had more of and hopped onto a bus headed to Liverpool Street for a sunrise breakfast with a view. It was my first daytime visit to Duck & Waffle, and my oh my, watching the city transform as dawn broke was very much worth the early start.


I was soon joined by the star of the show, Shyh Jin, whose 22nd birthday we were there to celebrate. Time flew as we chatted, laughed, and ate for much longer than expected. We were left impressed with the servers who politely allowed us an hour longer then our scheduled table time and even brought a tiny brownie for the birthday girl.



The duck & waffle was amazing as always: the maple syrup made the perfect sweet-salty combination poured across the delightfully crisp duck and generously salted egg. I’ve tried making this on my own, but can’t quite get the duck to come out the way they do it – almost confit-like? In a way, it’s reassuring that our visit really is worth the money because replicating it isn’t as easy.


We ordered one of their sweet waffles to share, complete with caramelised bananas (so sugary and delicious – yum!), homemade Nutella (more hazelnut than chocolate but too thick for my liking), and a side of vanilla ice cream that was fragrant and flavourful. The waffle itself was on the soggy side, but it could be due to letting it sit for ages as we took photos rather than a fault on their end.


I’m convinced we got the best view in the place, but to be honest, any of the window seats would have boasted a fantastic bird’s eye. If you haven’t paid a visit to D&W, do give it a chance, especially as the sun rises or sets. Doll up and treat it as an occasion. Whether you come for the view and stay for the food (or vice versa), you’re bound to have a good time.

With February here, it’s more real how quickly time is moving. It’s like everyone’s really preparing themselves for the future, talking about graduation and jobs and life after.. For me? I’m just trying to figure out how make the most of my last few months in this amazing, wonderful place, filled with amazing wonderful people, and trying to come to terms with balancing the buckle-down-and-study bit, along with my lust for theatre and travel and food!

How do you prioritise when everything feels like a priority?

24 hours in a day feel shorter than ever…

2 comments on "Wake-up call."
  1. I've always wanted to have breakfast at D&W but never managed to wake up in time! I totally feel you on how quick time is passing - I think the fact that you being mindful of making the most of time left is already a step in the right direction. :) x

    1. Make plans to go before you leave UK! It's really something else watching the sun rise! :)


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