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Saturday, June 11, 2016

More has changed than just the seasons since the last time I was on this space. I studied and sat for the last of my law exams after spending hours and hours in the library (gaining 5kg in the process from all the snacking omggg), headed to Poland with my law girls for some much appreciated bonding and relaxation, allowed my boyfriend to appreciate my beauty away from the harsh library lighting and got some aweeeesome pizza, flew to the United States to watch my sister graduate as a doctor (!!!), finally caught up on Descendants of the Sun, and ultimately ended up here, lounging on a couch in Baltimore, Maryland with a little under a month to go before I head back to the UK for my very own graduation.

Talk about a whirlwind!

I thought about closing down my blog a lot in the time since my exams ended. A good friend of mine recently messaged me to tell me she needed some stuff taken down because she was about to start working. And another started privatising her social media accounts, away from prying eyes of prospective employers. And I know maintaining a lifestyle blog is practically impossible with a full time office job. To be fair, if clients Google your name, they’re expecting work records, not details on the lunch you had a week ago. But then again, I’ve had a blog since I was 10. Is a social media presence really harmful? Or is it only so when you have things to hide?

Personally, having a blog has had been to my advantage for lots of things. At scholarship interviews, I’ve been asked about my blog, and rather than harm my credibility, it has helped show my interest in writing and idk.. a more holistic life? Meeting people has occasionally been made easier because they’ve stumbled across the site and somehow, the ice gets immediately broken. Old friends keep in contact when they’ve read an update I’ve posted. More recently, writing colloquially has helped break the monotony of writing legal essays too! And more than anything else, my blog has been a great way for me to unwind, either through penning posts or rereading old ones.

So, to be honest, I don’t quite know what the right answer is as to whether I should be maintaining a blog. In fact, it is very likely that there won’t be an impact at all. I don’t particularly have a massive readership as the people who read are really those who know me anyway, and I’m not involved in particularly controversial activity. (I mean, seriously, I listed out completing a Korean drama as a milestone of the past month.) But on the other hand, I love that people I don’t know that well have read stuff I’ve blurted out here. I feel like I have lots of opinions on totally first world things that I want people to know about. I don't even mind that it's just my boyfriend and my mom reading!

So after thinking long and hard, I’m not shutting down the blog just yet! And yes, I know that Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook does a pretty good job of updating the world on everyone’s whereabouts, but there’s nothing quite like a rambly blog post removed from the pressures of likes and easy commenting to really get into someone’s head, eyy? As long as I enjoy writing, I’ll keep scrawling on this space (subject to confidentiality agreements lolol) and time constraints. And uhh… as I somehow managed to develop a severe case of repetitive strain injury (RSI) when typing intensely during my study period, I may be restrained by my easily injured body. As Matthew (of the Bible) so eloquently puts, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Now that we’ve gotten that list of excuses and elaboration of my thought process out of the way, look forward to more posts because I’m excited and raring to go!

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