It Takes Two!

Sunday, August 28, 2016
Best faces are familiar faces.
Sealing the deal as Zhengs' manager. :P
Loved ones.

Zheng Xi and Joanna, two people I'm very happy to call friends, had their debut duet performance at Theatre Lounge Cafe yesterday. There comes a tinge of pride with having to pay money to watch high school friends perform ("Yes, we were all good friends back in the day," I would say to a reporter, insisting that I be referred to as an anonymous insider) and more satisfyingly so, to do that, and leave knowing every Ringgit was well worth it for such talent.

In the intimate setting of the Theatre Lounge Cafe, Jo, Ce and I were seated at the back of the room, where we were treated to a great view of the stage, and a welcome drink to boot. We arrived at customary Malaysian timing, reassured that we weren't really late, as we were walking through the doors alongside Zheng Xi's brother. We squeezed in a few hellos to familiar faces before the lights dimmed, we were ushered to our table, and the show began!

And what a delight it was. The show was like peeking into an audio diary, as both Joanna and Zheng Xi shared experiences from their university lives and time in London, taking us on a ride with them through happiness, sadness, and a little bit of sass along the way. Some favourites like Frozen's "Love Is An Open Door" planted a wide smile on my face whilst their rendition of "All I Ask of You" from the Phantom of the Opera left me wiping away some very proud tears.

Having known them both personally, their talent was never in question. But the extent of it was shown that night as Zhengs seemingly effortlessly accompanied his singing with the piano, and Joanna laid out some pretty sick rap lines. They took on ridiculously ambitious songs and although I'm no music expert, did them so well I wish I was more familiar with the musicals they quoted and songs they sang. There were times after the intermission that you could feel their energy fighting to stay high, and kudos to them both for powering through, always with a smile on their faces!

Throughout it all, despite the sheer professionalism in their singing as they embodied their characters, the audience got to know them better as their personalities shone through their lovingly awkward script. I couldn't help but smile as they made friendly jabs at each other and cracked jokes so lame that I felt forced to laugh. When they adorably told us they prepared an Encore number for the audience (even before we had finished clapping), I thought to myself, "How could anyone not love these syok sendiri people?"

It takes two to tango and from the name of their performance, it misleadingly implied it takes two for their show. But I assure you, once you've heard them charm the audience through their solos, you know for sure that those two could very well hold their own. Both of them have remarkable individual stage presence, but luckily for us, decided to perform together anyway because they have excellent stage chemistry too.

I had a wonderful night watching It Takes Two, and when you know the performers are loving their work, you can't help but love them for it.

They featured on The Edge here.

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