Cooling off in Chamonix

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Over October, I took a week off from work to catch a flight to Geneva for some crisp autumn weather and quality time with Boyfriend and his parents. A few days into my visit, we got up not long after dawn broke and headed to Chamonix in south-eastern France. Our ride on the Cham Express went by so quickly and smoothly, without even a peek at our passports, that I hardly noticed we crossed the border!

But indeed, one and a half hours later, we were in France, marvelling at a fantastic view of Mont Blanc peeking through the mist.

It’s a good thing that I procrastinated packing up and storing away my winter wear after moving back to Malaysia, because out came the puffy jacket and thick scarves for the -1°C  weather. We wrapped ourselves warmly and headed out to the village for some good old exploring.

Chamonix is the kind of place that would be heaving come ski season, but we were a few months shy of any snow and the streets were fairly quiet. This gave us plenty of opportunity to be unabashedly loud and silly on the streets, intermittently popping into shops without having to push our way through throngs of people.

The pastries on offer were a feast for both our stomachs and our eyes, which really shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Boyfriend and I were let out a couple of “Mmmm”s and “Yum”s to each other through mouthfuls of food, as we feasted on a slice of crispy bread with an excellent anchovy-onion-olive combination that we bought on a whim. It may not sound like the most conventional mix, but the flavours sure hit the spot!

With our tummies filled with savoury goodness, we merrily headed down a random street, taking pictures as we went along, thoroughly amazed at how beautiful the views were with every twist and turn. The experience was even more cherished knowing that the hours we had together were numbered.

When we worked up an appetite for lunch (which to be honest, happened pretty quickly), we headed to a restaurant that drew our attention for its cute signage. As the restaurant specialised in omelettes, we ordered one each and dug in.

Its penchant for cuteness wasn’t limited to its signage, with the fries served in a mini fryer.

And this cutie too!

The food was by no means spectacular, but somehow, breakfast food for lunch always feels like a treat and we enjoyed our meal very much. What was good however, was their gigantic serving of orange juice that went down very well!

And of course, cheese is always a great idea! But psst, stay clear of the other juices – they’re all overpriced bottles.

After lunch, we checked into Hôtel l'Héliopic, which in itself was a treat. Definitely recommended.

After all, the lobby greeted us with free Haribo gummies and packaged apple juice. But if children goodies aren’t your kinda thing, the spa itself was lots of fun and worth the stay – it comes complete with plunge pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, ice room, and calming music playing over the swimming pool!

Soaked till my fingers got wrinkly, but hey, that’s how you know you’re having a good time!
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