SuperStar Libra to Promthep Cape, Phuket

Sunday, October 8, 2017
Is a candid shot really a candid shot when you know the camera’s there?

Yep. Not afraid to ask the tough questions.

I was recently in Phuket for a quick getaway with my mom. We took  the Superstar Libra 5D4N, a cruise from Port Klang, and travelled to  Langkawi, Phuket and Penang. Lemme tell ya, it’s one thing to look at the  waves of the ocean from where your feet’s planted firmly on the ground, and it’s quite another to be on a ship, feeling like the earth’s rocking beneath you.

The journey started off fine, but as night fell, so did rain, which meant choppy seas and a rocking ship. After a day and a half of battling a pounding headache and the ever present urge to hurl, a crew member pointed me to a tray of green apples and a bottle of Coca Cola a.k.a. the modern sailor’s remedy for a case of seasickness. I can’t say whether the remedy worked for sure because as I dug into my first apple, we docked at Langkawi where the seas were calmer and I got a chance to stretch my legs on real ground. With that, viola! my headache disappeared and all was well.

The rest of the journey to Phuket was smooth sailing. With buffet meals on-board five times a day, we could hardly catch a breath between meals, let alone digest. If it weren’t for the multiple dance sessions held daily (from cha cha to hip hop), the ship may have struggled to make its way back to Klang.

Bored of the sun and sea on deck, we disembarked at Phuket for more sun and sea onshore. We signed up for a ground tour on the ship and were greeted by an adorable, almost elderly Thai man who walked with a hunch and had a haircut which I’m convinced was self-cut. He told us that Phuket got its name from the word bukit which is Malay for hill. From a distance, the island’s striking feature is a large hill in its centre.

Over the past ten years, tourism has become Phuket’s primary industry and at almost every corner, you’re likely to see some sort of factory, museum, or exhibition catered to tourists. I don’t know how I’d feel if my town was overrun by tourists but our guide said the locals are happy about the jobs and the money so I guess that’s alright.

We were taken to Promthep Cape, Phuket’s southernmost point, known for its beautiful sunset and view of the ocean. I became convinced that there’s something magical about a sea breeze against your skin and an ocean view before you. It’s that bow-of-the-ship Titanic feeling - although considering the Thai allegiance to their monarchy, I probably wouldn’t be so quick to declare that I’m the king of the world.

Standing on a ledge to the sounds of my mother going “Girl, careful ah” on repeat.

Once at Promthep Cape, you won’t miss the throng of tourists, many of which seem to be dedicated Instagrammers and are an attraction on their own. Isn’t it strange how our society has morphed to the point where it’s totally normal for everyday people to carry props like huge white scarves to casually hold in the wind for no reason other than photo aesthetic? I wonder what the anthropologists of the future will think of our era - the ever photo-ready generation. With photo taking more accessible than ever, it is entirely possible that we will never see a future where a great meal goes undocumented.


Anyhow, if you’re checking out the view at Promthep Cape, you surely won’t miss the Elephant Shrine, dedicated to the Hindu deity, Brahma. I herd from my guide that ivory so often, people would come to the shrine to make wishes, and once their wishes have been granted, they’d leave an elephant as an offering of thanksgiving. I guess that means that every other animal’s irrelephant.


Ha, I’m sorry, but elephant puns are just too big of an opportunity to pass up.


I later spent more time watching the water, half wishing I lived by the ocean.

As we left, my mom bought us unbelievably sweet mini-pineapples for 100 Baht to share. I hope I don't ever forget how privileged I am to have the chance to travel so often with my best friend and the woman who raised me.

Till next time!
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  1. Was the cruise itself interesting with events and such? Post some pics of your activities while in the cruise too!

    1. It was pretty fun, with lots of dance activities haha and performances at night too! I might put up a video on it - we'll see!!


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