KL Spotlight: Symphony Fountains, KLCC Lake

Monday, November 20, 2017

The grass is greener on the other side.

I think we all know this saying doesn't actually mean that your neighbour's got a better garden, but that somehow, it just often seems that way. Let's be honest, so often we find it difficult to see the beauty of where we stand so I decided that I don't have to go far to have a good time, starting from looking for gems in KL.

With that being said, I'm donning a pair of rose-tinted glasses and am gonna view my city with a set of fresh eyes! 

Today's spotlight is on the fountains at KLCC.


For many, the twin towers are synonymous with Kuala Lumpur; our skyline identifiable for it, unimaginable without. Lesser known is the dazzling fountain lights show held daily at the KLCC Park.

Officially known as the "KLCC Lake Symphony Fountains", the water jets dance and sway to music over speakers and are illuminated by an array of bright, coloured lights. I confess that the music’s a little cheesy with the likes of Michael Jackson hits to classic Malay tunes, but because the songs are so universally known, there's nothing quite like this communal sing-along.


Pretty views make for excellent backdrops of great memories, and the past few times I’ve been have left happy impressions on my heart. A wise man in a Korean drama I was watching once said that there’s two kinds of happy moments in the world - the kind that you look back on and think to yourself, “I was happy then”, and the other, the kind that while you’re in the experience, it occurs to you right there and then, that at that point, you are happy. The latter is a rare kind of joy that’s reserved for truly special moments, and I can’t help but agree.

The pictures above were taken when I was out with some friends from college. We decided to meet up for dinner at KLCC after a long work day, and after many laughs over a good helping of Thai food, we found ourselves in front of the fountains. One of the topics of conversation over dinner was on our experiences studying abroad and the realities of being back in Malaysia, where autumn never comes and responsibilities keep piling. When the fountains gushed and danced before us, almost taking us by surprise, I was overwhelmed with a rush of gratitude for the company with me and the beautiful city we called home. It was one of those special happy moments, and being able to just stop and stare at something beautiful and fluid was just the breather I didn’t realise I needed.

If you're local and you're looking for something to do in KL or somewhere to take your friends, I highly recommend paying a visit. Although there are afternoon fountain shows (without music), if you can afford the time, pay an evening visit* to view it in its full glory.

Bring your friends, bring your family, make a trip of it!

*The timing of the show’s a bit of a mystery but get there for 8pm and you’re likely to catch the show as it’s rumoured to run every half hour till 10pm.

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