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Monday, December 4, 2017
Hello friends!

Every December,I find myself asking the same question - whether I should stop paying for my blog domain. I get sent a renewal email every beginning of December and it’s probably the main reason why so many of my new year’s resolutions over the past few years have listed “blog more” on it. Gotta make that domain worth it, y’all!

When I used to blog more regularly, the domain fee sorted itself out through the small amounts I used to earn from adverts or sponsored posts. But now that I’m working full time and studying in my free time, this blog’s been neglected by me (and those who used to read LOL sad). Every time I ask myself this question, I end up concluding that when I do get to blog, I LOVE it! And then, I make a renewed “commitment” to log more regularly, which unfortunately, doesn’t happen and so the story goes..

But this is where things change! Here, dear reader, is where I throw in the plot twist! Well, sort of. Rather than make another promise to blog, I’m giving myself an ultimatum-
“Publish something every week (no matter how short or long and if I don’t post at least 40 posts by the end of 2018, I’m shutting down this blog for good.”
It may seem pretty silly, making promises to a blog, but when I gave it some thought, I realised that writing here is really important to me. A large part of my day job involves writing, but it’s honestly a whole different ball game when you’re writing for leisure.

I did this exercise which is meant to help us evaluate what’s important for personal fulfilment. If you’re interested in doing it, follow the instructions step-by-step, doing what’s required before you read the next step. It pretty much goes like this-
Step 1.
List out 4 priorities in life.
Step 2.
Look at the list and remove any sort of priority that’s related to relationships or work.
Step 3.
If your list has shrunk, fill it up again till you’re back to 4 priorities.
When I arrived at my final list, one of the big ones that remained was creativity. In high school, I used to blog and write poetry/short stories for fun. I also used to aggressively enter slogan and caption competitions and won an assortment of prizes, from movie tickets to meal vouchers. In college I think the only remotely creative thing I did was think of Instagram captions for my friends LOL but I was very busy with my other passion in volunteer work so I was happy and content. Later on at university, I started scrapbooking and painting. Now that I’m at work, although I started bullet journalling a while back, it was more of an organisational effort rather than a creative endeavour. The realisation that I wasn’t nurturing one of the important aspects of myself led to the creation of #talkatiff, a series of short one minute videos I started posting on Instagram, and multiple failed attempts to revive this blog.

A post shared by @tiffanykml on

A post shared by @tiffanykml on

The point of the matter is, this blog has always been a creative space for me. Sure, it’s a little more restricted now that I’ve gotten older, my audience is older, and I’ve started working, but if I don’t make a deliberate effort to nurture this space, it’s very likely that I’ll soon forget how to create or write for fun. I think it’s particularly true, especially for those working, that you won’t have time for your hobbies if you don’t make time for them.

Beyond the broader purpose of trying to keep the passion for writing (and living) alive, a blog is just such a wonderful capsule of memories. I was looking back through my old posts and am really grateful that I documented my adventures and travels as a student in London (like my trip to Barcelona and breaking a world record), my first mission trip in Sabah, one of the many times I sprained my ankle, and other silly moments from 4 years ago. It’s a time capsule that’s very cringe-worthy but also gratitude-inspiring and I think I’d like to look back one day and look at what I thought was interesting to share on here.

Right now, here’s a little sampler on what’s on my plate at the moment to explain why it’s been so difficult to do something I claim I enjoy doing so much. So I sat for the New York Bar in June and by the grace of God, passed the exams. So I’m on to the other steps to qualification. Namely, the New York Law Exam that’s coming up on December 14th. I’m currently in the midst of an accredited Bahasa Melayu course, with an exam coming up on December 7th. On December 10th, my mom and I will be co-teaching Sunday School at our church. I’ve also been given the opportunity to serve as a committee member on the church’s pro-tem committee so there’s meetings for that as well in December. Unsurprisingly, considering the post title, I’m also spending my evenings working and binge-listening to Taylor Swift’s new album (reputation), trying to figure out if I love it or not.

And that’s all you’ll hear from me for this week!

Hope to see you again soon. Watch this space!

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