Review: Drop Exchange, Mont Kiara

Friday, October 19, 2018



It may have been a while since my last review, but don’t take it to mean that I haven’t been having wonderful meals. Although blogs have certainly died down in the last couple of years in favour of Instagram and other microblogging sites, when it comes to choosing a place for good food, I still turn to blogs for a little more detail because Instagram is good for telling you what looks good, but perhaps not too reliable for telling you what tastes good. So, here I am trying to do a little more blogging before the year ends.


Today’s star of the show is Drop Exchange, a pork-free restaurant serving North Indian and Persian cuisine, while branding itself as the first Wall-Street themed bar and restaurant in KL. Wall-Street how, exactly? When ordering drinks, expect the prices to fluctuate (not drastically, I don’t think) depending on when you’re ordering, reminiscent of a stock exchange board that doesn’t quite close. Hmm. I can’t tell you what that experience’s like as we ordered from the Happy Hour menu, but if novelty’s your cup of tea, then you’d want to check this out. I suppose if you’re lucky, there’s a chance you’ll end up getting a very good deal.

Besides that, nothing else was distinctly Wall Street-like to me. Split into two floors, you’re closer to the bar downstairs and you’d get a little more privacy upstairs. Not too out-of-place for a fairly nice date or dinner and drinks with friends/colleagues.


Second floor gives you a stalker pretty view of the meals the folks downstairs are having, which could prove useful when trying to decide what to eat.

Tell me about the food.. 

I was in the mood for some bread and curries and thinking of Flour (reviewed here!) so we found ourselves at Drop Exchange. There weren’t that many reviews online so we honestly wasn’t expecting much, but was so pleasantly surprised by how delicious our orders turned out to be. 

We ordered the mutton Rogan Josh and mutton Bhuna with a side of garlic naan, butter rumali and cheese naan, and boy oh boy, those flavours were incredible. Although visually similar, both curries stood out in their own delectable way, and unlike some places which stuff their curries with potatoes and onions, we got a generous portion of mutton in each bowl.


Mutton Rogan Josh and mutton Bhuna. Honestly, don’t know which is which in this picture.


Although I found the dishes fantastic, if I had to be nitpicky, I’d say that the tenderness of the mutton in the Rogan Josh was not replicated in the Bhuna and there’s just a little bit more jaw work to put in depending on which piece we ate. I don’t know if this is a consistency issue, but it’s minor and I’d certainly return anyway.


Garlic naan on the left, butter rumali on the right.

Always a fan of well-made naan, I thoroughly enjoyed the garlic one, which in my view, was in a class of its own. The naan arrived to our table in its hot garlicky splendour, miraculously crisp and fluffy at the same time. Freshly-made rumali is pretty new to me as I’ve only ever had some served cold/stale with texture like thin cardboard. This was fluffy and served piping hot, a much better reintroduction to a bread that is such a predominant feature in Indian cuisine.


Here’s a close-up of the Great Deliciousness.


Here, have one! You’ll love it!

Greedy for more, I asked for an order of cheese naan, which unfortunately, was the disappointing call of the night. The cheese they used was simply a slice of processed cheese, not melted long enough, not distributed evenly, and although still useful as a curry vessel, you’re better off ordering a cheaper, yummier naan from your neighbourhood mamak.


Was hoping for a cheese pull here, but alas all the cheese had pooled together on a different piece.

Minding Money Tips

Now, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t gonna help share some kind of discount/promotion.

You can use Offpeak to make a booking with up to 30% off, depending on when you go. Though I do think you have to book at least an hour in advance in order to benefit from the discount! Free to use and one of my favourite apps.


Alternatively, if you have the Entertainer app which I absolutely love using, you could get two main dishes for the price of one! It’s basically a yearly coupon subscription, and when I used it for this meal, excluding drinks, it totalled to RM51.50 for the two curries and three servings of bread.


Now go forth and have some curries!

#last90days: Turning chore to habit

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Growing up, I felt that there were so many hours in the day. I could go to school, spend time with friends (either in person, online over MSN Messenger (who remembers those days?) or just chatting over the phone), attend extra classes (piano, tuition, dance classes) and still have time do to things I enjoyed such as reading and blogging. When I really looked at the difference in hours between those days in school and now, in actuality, because I had such long school hours (school would officially end about 4ish, I often stayed back for extra-curriculars till 6 and I lived about 30-40 minutes away from school), the real difference in hours between work and school is not as much as I thought it was.

Then I started reevaluating how I spend my time now and surprise surprise, a large chunk of it was spent aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, watching YouTube videos and binge-watching Netflix shows. When I was growing up, I didn't have these and instead, read plenty of books, wrote on my blog, chatted with my parents and well, spent a copious amount of time on Neopets, but let's just call that socialisation. I know you know that I'm not saying these modern forms of entertainment are bad or are a waste of time. Instagram and Facebook allow us to connect without individual chat screens on MSN and absorbing content through YouTube and Netflix are equally valid learning opportunities when contrasted with books.

What I did realise however, is that my goals did not align with what I was consuming. I started the year wanting to read more, but what I had in mind was books not social media feeds. I wanted to write more, and by that, I meant writing on this space or working on some stories, but instead, I found myself wiling time away writing comments (without words btw, just emojis!) because it was easy. I would scroll through Instagram, see a cute outfit on my friend that I've been wanting to catch up with, and instead of genuinely trying to spark conversation, I'd send heart-eyed emojis. It's easy. And lazy.

So maybe taking the dedicated time to improve myself over the last 90 days of the year will be the right kick to get me being as productive, efficient and deliberate with my actions as can be!

Today I’m grateful for:

  1. Time to go to the gym in the day. Squeezed in a teeny-tiny run of 1.5km.
  2. A friend who graced my ears with her lovely singing voice. She’s joining a singing competition and I have the privilege of hearing her practice!
  3. Another friend who helps me buy things from Taobao and tells me all about her cute purchases.
  4. Being able to go to work early this morning, yet feeling like the day flew by.
  5. Easy-to-work-with clients who speak with a smile on their face. I don’t actually see them face-to-face but it’s so easy to hear smiles and I had two smiley clients today!
  6. Being greeted by our dog at the door when I came home from work.
  7. Having an inspiring conversation with my father at the dinner table.
  8. Having my boyfriend tell me he’ll be my buddy for #last90days!
  9. Finally completing a task I was given in August for my dad’s company.
  10. My mom, who’s been not feeling well for the past few weeks, is starting to recover!


#last90days: Starting the journey!

I’ve always found “challenge” type things rather fun, and after reading Girl, Wash Your Face (NYT #1 best seller), I was enamoured by Rachel Hollis and her perspective of life. So here I am, diving into her #last90days challenge, which was set up with the intention for us to end the year strong.


In essence, the challenge is built around something called 5 to Thrive and being committed to these five practices over the rest of the year is just the kind of thing that’s meant to help turn us into the best versions of ourselves. Whether or not we believe that’s true, certainly the pursuit of these 5 things are bound to yield something good out of it. Or, even if you’re just planning to revisit your New Year’s Resolutions, those work as well! Use these final 90 days of the year to really realign yourself to what you had planned to do this year.


What I scribbled in my notebook.

I’d like to write a little more about each aspect of the challenge in another post, but for now, here are the 10 things I was grateful for yesterday (1 October 2018).

  1. The white shirt I bought from Lazada for a mere RM17.30 was not see through and made of very soft, comfy fabric. Score!
  2. Came back to work after a long weekend (took some time off for a mini-vacation for my birthday) and no work disasters awaited me.
  3. A healthy lunch which I packed from home came out super yummy. I was really just guessing when I put the ingredients together.
  4. Although I ate the abovementioned lunch early cause I was hungry, I think it’s filling enough for me to not want to snack.
  5. I made a good suggestion at work about a contract which was considered and taken on.
  6. A proposal for work-life balance at my company was approved organisation-wide last week but launched department-wide today. I’m so excited by all the flexible opportunities!
  7. I got hungry despite my optimism at item 4 above, but found a spoonful of rice leftover from my lunch flask, which was just enough to satiate me! (LOL this is a bit pathetic but about an hour later I also had an Oreo)
  8. I’m grateful that I had a delicious dinner at Way Modern Chinois, recommended by a friend and made better with a discount app I’ve been using.
  9. Signed up for the Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) which the previous administration set up to encouraging saving for retirement. Putting in RM1,000 entitled me to a free RM1,000. That goes a long way in the long term.
  10. Grateful for my mom making dinner, which I’ll bring along for lunch tomorrow at work. Fantastic!


Shots from dinner at Way.


Part of my fun long weekend involved a little bow and arrow adventure which reinforced that I’m better off working a desk job than living in the outdoors.

Because I wrote these as the day went along, it’s interesting to see that although I was grateful in the afternoon for feeling satiated, I ended the evening wanting to snack again. Well then! Thinking of 1 thing to be grateful for a day can be fun, but thinking of 10 is a lot tougher than I thought it’d be. I think it’s an attitude, so hoping for a more steady attitude of gratitude by the end of this year. And if it means I’ll be writing more, then that’s a good thing too!

See you tomorrow!

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