Althea A'BLOOM - the entire drop & *exactly* which mask to get (all under RM2!)

Monday, July 1, 2019
Is Althea's mega-cheap and super-adorable face mask drop old news to you? Maybe. But if you're still on the fence, or thought about getting their stuff and not toooo sure about it, here's the comprehensive review you've been looking for, complete with every item from their launch. Folks, we have blackhead busters and makeup blenders to go with these face masks so sit down and grab a cup of tea for a review by this beauty noob that you didn't know you needed.

althea a'bloom products

Face Masks
Let's start with the face masks. For its launch, Althea dropped its very own masks with a massive Buy 1 Free 1 sale and I bought roughly 20 sheets for a ridiculous price of RM0.75 per sheet. This promotion is now over, but you're still looking at low prices of RM1.80 per sheet for a purchase in sets of 10 (worth it for a self-pampering session!!) or RM2 if you buy a single sheet, just to try! These masks sold out so quickly the last time, but now they're back again and you can get them here. 

althea's newest products
So to be honest, I'm the kind of person that believes all facemasks are equal. Or at least, I was. I used to differentiate masks by the thickness of the sheet or how well it adheres to my face, but after trying on so many (from Althea to Mediheal to Nature Republic and Etude House), I've started paying attention to the small but very real difference in my skin after use. Because of that, I took my time with reviewing these Althea masks, so you'll really get an idea as to which one to buy to suit your specific needs and preferences! 

sheet mask from althea korea
The similarities, however, are the following: 

  • Super thin sheets which adhere very well to skin 
  • Each sheet is completely soaked through with essence, and you'll even have leftover in the packet for your elbows, knees, neck and wherever else you want!  
  • Each type of mask has been dermatologically tested 
Onto the review-

water-me-long sheet mask althea

ac-me peach althea korea acne sheet mask

brightening sheet mask sparkle-me bright althea koreaavo-cuddle-me sheet mask korea avocado sheet mask althea

Meringue Puffs!
Now that you've gotten your base all moisturised, it's the perfect time to figure out makeup! And as someone who hated using makeup beforehand because it just felt so cumbersome and sticky and cakey, now that I've equipped myself with the right tools for success (cause srsly, the whole she-bang is all about the right equipment), I'm finding it a lot easier to put together a simple make-up look! My favourite right now is the Meringue Puffs. Adorable, pastel and incredibly porous, these babies leave foundation looking like a seamless second skin on your face. And trust me on this, there's an actual difference because I've been using some cheap sponge-like, Lazada-bought fake beauty blender all this while which takes so much longer to blend than when using these adorable sponges. 

beauty blender alternatives mini
beauty blender alternatives mini dior foundation blending liquid althea
BHA Blackhead Blaster
Now this one, is a real game changer. If you've ever gone for a facial and have had your blackheads squeezed out of you, you'd relate to the desperate wish that there'd be a less painful way to get rid of those pesky blackheads.  

remove blackheads
Well, here it is! In a convenient stick form, all you have to do is rub out spots prone to blackheads and wash out with warm water. The blackheads get loosened out and you're left with squeaky clean skin.

Too good to be true? Well, a little bit! Some of the pesky stubborn blackheads that still remained, but there was a noticeable improvement to the whiteheads and some of the blackheads on my nose when I was done. Best of all, it was pain-free and very easy-to-use. 

I reckon this is the sort of thing you should get once you've gone for a thorough blackhead extraction, and you want to maintain the clean pores you worked so hard to get. But if you're already blackhead-ridden, unfortunately, this may help you juuust a bit, but you'd probably need more extreme methods to get the job done. 

Only RM19 - you can get it here! 


The usual disclaimer here! Although I bought a lot of the face masks on my own, I was later sent the other Althea products for review courtesy of The Butterfly Project. Views are all mine though and I wasn't paid to say any of the above! 
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