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Saturday, August 24, 2019
Forgot I took this pic - testament that unless things are recorded, some memories slip away.

Hey there, gorgeous!

Oh, yes I'm talking to you. Starting off the post with a compliment, because I think I'd be very happy to hear one of those every time I read a blog post.

I love blogging - I enjoy being able to write a whooole bunch of words and tell stories, but for something I enjoy, I most certainly don't do it often enough. When I do, boy oh boy, am I reminded of how fun it is and how relaxed I feel after it.

Hence, here I am starting a new series, my Insta Month Round-Up! Here, you'll get to read more behind-the-scenes stories of the picture I posted on Instagram (which can be a little more curated on that platform) and if there are related pictures, I'll share those too. I'm hoping to do this once a month, sometime in the third week of each month - so I'll be seeing you guys a lot more often on here!

As the inaugural Instamonth post and as it is the 24th, we'll be seeing posts from 22nd July up till 23rd August.


This was taken on my semi-spontaneous trip to Bangkok with my mom and sister in June, a week before my sister's wedding. We bought the flight tickets merely days before our departure and as I was between jobs at the time, it was easy to use the weekday to head over for a bit of tom yum, cheap clothes and a whole of of fun! The top is from Love Knot Label (one I've worn to death because it's so flattering and versatile) and the headband's from Mr. DIY! It's become quite the place to get hold of cute accessories at very affordable prices. Don't say I keep secrets from you!


A little celebration for our 61st month with my boyfriend over all-you-can-eat dim sum at Five Sen5es, The Westin KL. I was craving dimsum for a long long time and we finally decided to go to this one. Some really delicious stuff there, but also some mediocre pieces too. 

Pardon the pic quality - fried stuff usually never goes wrong and these were crisp and yummy. Unfortunately, wasn't served PIPING hot, which would've made a world of difference. 

So yummy, but wayy too much for a couple to handle on our own. 

The perfect end to a filling meal. Something chilled. A little sweet without being overpowering. Delicious and textured and fruity and importantly, cold. Ahh, the pleasures of a dessert. 

My camera was probably fogged up from the steam and the pictures are all awful, haha but I think you get a pretty decent idea of how that meal went. And maybe you'd be a little stunned at how we went for another buffet the night after. 

We left lunch feeling completely stuffed but it was incredibly satisfying! To no surprise, we had to take multiple walks around the nearby Pavilion Mall to digest enough for us to get back into the car. And then, my editor told me that our latest YouTube video was ready. Hence the caption!


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Once again another Mr. DIY feature - the hairclips I used to wear all the time at school. Since the school-girl look is very much in, probably in large part to Ariana Grande's particular aesthetic of childlike sexiness, I grabbed a bunch of these and they've been making a regular feature at work, home and church. I've been trying to dabble more in accessorising, which although isn't a major fashion move, it's done a lot for giving me significantly more intentionality in my style - and I'm here for it!


Sometime in July, Zhengs came back to Malaysia and wrote a short two-man play which he performed at KLPAC. 

His piece was funny and charismatic, and there's really no feeling quite like the pride of seeing a friend do well. When we managed to steal him away after the show, Celine and I hustled out of him a commitment for a meal the day after and we got to have nasi lemak and Soylab with this budding superstar. Haha, I loved this picture when we took it (because I think it makes my legs look very long), but I posted it later on in August when I was going through my camera roll and thought it'd be funny to name-drop him a little too.


This high tea session was a real treat. Got the privilege of celebrating Celine's birthday at this fun experience (Arteastry) that we've spoken about for a very long time! The portions were huge - naturally, I ate practically everything, but Celine struggled to have them all. I reckon the set for 2 could be easily shared between 3 people, or maybe even 4 very small eaters. Very fun times indeed!


The high tea at Arteastry was held at a hotel that's joined to the increasingly popular Ilham Gallery. The art scene in Malaysia is seeing higher interaction from the general public, which is a fantastic thing because it shouldn't be reserved just for the 'cultured' or 'elite'. However, it was actually reserved that day lolol by a private event, so all Celine and I could visit was the gift shop, where I picked up a Malaysian card game. We later played this card games with our friends, which took many many hours - but it's fun stuff!


Ah, one of those random posts. I took this when walking down the street where Seth lives and really loved the greenery. But also belatedly realised that it was probably so lush thanks to the flowing drain water below. You see where I'm going with my train of thought in the caption.


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Some time at the beginning of August, a friend of mine and I were chatting about the small challenges we like to undertake to try different things. We decided to go with posting an #ootd once a week, just to start, in clothes we wouldn't normally wear.

When she saw me posting this, her immediate reaction was - this is totally your style already!!

To my credit, I thought I was being bold by not wearing it with a camisole underneath. I've grown up dressing rather conservatively and any hint of cleavage has generally been hidden away, but I think as I grow older, I can see how some styles which I formerly thought were risque are actually very sophisticated, and this dress was my small step at wearing a slightly more revealing outfit.

LOL although still very safe la ok and I didn't wear this outside because... shy.


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After persistently trying to get the available dates of 7 girls with varying lifestyles, different hometowns and vast interests, we finally settled on a Sunday morning for this brunch. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to give church a miss that day - which I try very hard not to do, but the week later, the sermon was about how relationships are very important... so this is fellowship, right?

Lisette was very pretty thanks to its flower backdrop and is strongly inspiring me to set up my own flower wall at home. But practicality is telling me that it'll just be dusty and look tacky after a while.


My sister sent over the pictures from her June wedding that her photographer had finally processed. There were some amazing shots in there, of candid moments and planned poses. A friend of mine that as scrolling through this said she stuck through the entire 10 pictures to find a better picture of my sister... but there was just me. LOL. I mean, she was the most important person of the night (sorry, En Yaw!) but now that it's over.. here's pictures of me!

In all seriousness, I was so grateful to be given the honour to.. literally be her Maid of Honour (or Honor, in her Americanised spelling (ugh)). My sister is the best friend I was born with and being able to share in all of her special moments was incredibly special. I am so glad she found the Love of Her Life, and I wish them all all all the love and joy and happiness this life can give.


Here we are with my second #ootd from the challenge I mentioned above. My mom got my sister and I these very Oriental tops and I think initially, they did seem very Chinese. Which can be a little weird. But I realised that one way to leave my comfort zone is to wear pieces which can be quirky and different, but do so in a more natural way - such as over a skater dress, just like another jacket. It ended up being something very simple and fun to wear, and I can see myself wearing variations of this outfit over and over again.


At work, my department was working on updating photographs of the doctors for our site, and we were location hunting a few different places on our office floor. 

The centre of our floor looks over a flight of strairs and has a sunlight roof, which filters natural light over to us. Here, we were testing out a few shots in different places, before forgoing this for being too distracting and finally deciding on a regular old wooden wall. 

This was pretty fun to do! I'll give a thought about doing this more frequently if there's interest in this. 

Stay tuned for more posts coming in August (I have 2 more I gotta get posted up on the events I attended and stuff I've been trying!) 
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