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Saturday, August 31, 2019
Thanks, Miniel Skinlab for all the goodies!

Finding the right moisturiser is not unlike finding the right partner. You'd want it to fulfill its promises, leave you feeling good after every encounter, and ultimately, not cause you more stress than what it's worth. As with relationships, there are some skincare routines that can be fairly stressful and unpleasant, which is why Miniel Skinlab's campaign for a Stress-Free Vacation comes at the right time.

 I've been in the review game just long enough to know what I like in a moisturiser, and high up on my list is how fuss-free it is. For me, that means that if I'm using it in the day, I do not want it to be sticky and it has to absorb quickly, though I'm willing to handle a little more stickiness for a night-time routine especially as I sleep in air-conditioned rooms.

The packaging that Miniel Skinlab sent over was packed with adorable things, from a cute leaf for all my future flatlays, adorable stickers (which I stuck on my face and had problems removing later lol) and even a lovely beach bag, which is now my go-to grocery bag.
I won't go into too much detail of the product itself, because here's all you really need to know: One pump and that's enough for the whole face and neck. The best part: absorbs within seconds! Even if we ignore the gorgeous and very premium packaging, under the hood, you've got these ingredients:
    a. (Mask) Kudzu Root Extract - France
    b. (Mask) Various Fruit Extract - United State
    c. (Mask & Serum) Sodium Hyaluronate - Korea
    d. (Serum) Yeast Extract - Switzerland
The chemists among you would know better than I what these ingredients do for you, so let me just tell you how they feel.

Miniel Hydraque Boost Serum

The serum is my daily staple for whenever I'm in a rush. All I do is pump onto my palm, and pat it on my face, and almost instantly, my skin feels significantly hydrated. I'll preface this by saying that I have moderately dry skin, so it doesn't take much for my skin to soak up moisturisers, but what I love about this serum is its fantastic texture. You could also pair it with an existing moisturiser for additional hydration, but even on its own, you'll feel an effect! 

Clear, water/gel-like. 
The closest moisturiser I've tried which absorbed just as quickly but is as hydrating is the Laneige Water Bank. Perhaps, I'd venture to say that the Laneige one is slightly more hydrating and absorbs a little faster, but hey, Miniel is about half the price, so I think it's a fair compromise. 

You can order the Serum for RM87.30 (with free shipping!) on this site and you get an EXTRA 5% discount for using my code:


Miniel Hydraque Gel Mask

This gel mask is a lot of fun to use. It comes with a tiny spatula and has the most incredible texture. The moment you slather this on your face, there's an immediate cooling sensation, almost like the feeling of aloe vera but a lot lighter. 

Over 15 minutes, the gel starts to warm up on your face, and it dries with a light film-like finish. I could probably forget about it on me if I was really engrossed in something because it really doesn't bother you at all. However, when you wash off the mask, there's just an amazing feeling of it sliding off you. Like slime? But in a good way! After that, you get a very smooth finish on your skin that isn't oily at all - but at the same time, hydrated! I love the feeling and I mask at least once a week. A very worthwhile investment for RM60.30 AND once again, another 5% off on top of that with the promo code! 

Here's the code again:


Thank you Miniel Skinlab for trusting me with reviewing your product. It's such a pleasure to be able to try great Malaysian skincare, especially as I'm publishing this on our National Independence Day (Selamat Hari Merdeka, readers!). As usual, thank you to The Butterfly Project! I'm not paid for this review, but I am given the products for free to try. 

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