The Bucket List Surprise

Saturday, October 26, 2019
I've always found myself weirded out by the phrase "bucket list". It struck me as a little morbid, thinking about life in relation to death and I felt like I would only give myself this sort of list if I saw death approaching - sort of like a to-do list with a deadline (aka the moment you kick the hypothetical bucket). But I think over the years, as I lived through more experiences and developed more independence with the way I spend my time and money, I started to understand the allure of constructing a list of things to do (not necessarily before one dies) but more of.. aspirations in general. Without further ado, allow me to introduce, my very much work-in-progress...

...Bucket List

And at the top, we have..

1. Bathe Elephants 

My first memory of an elephant was when I went to Thailand as a child, where we saw the cutest elephant painting with a brush in its trunk, tossing balls in the air, looking like the world's biggest puppy. And then I remember seeing its legs. Though the elephant's body was a mud-grey throughout, its hind legs were pink and raw, where chains had gripped. I still loved elephants, but did not want to see them in captivity. 

However, I always harboured a desire to be amongst them and a major #lifegoal of mine is to visit a humane elephant sanctuary and get the chance to bathe the elephants! I think it was the scene in Tarzan, where the elephants were swimming and Tarzan dove beneath them that really piqued my interest at seeing these huge animals in water! 

Random trivia about elephants: they have elephant funerals and mourn the dead - and they can't jump! 
I know that I can do this at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Pahang, Malaysia and one day, I'll make the time to go swim with the elephants! How exciting! 

I'm also just going to throw in Swim With Dolphins as an additional Bucket List item, but since it falls within the same category of.. being in a body of water with exotic animals, I don't think it needs its own number!

2. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando 

This is the ultimate dream for every Potterhead, I reckon. Just the thought of being able to immerse myself in such a magical place is making me quake with excitement! I started reading the books when I was 7 years old, and if you started off as a Potterhead that young, there's no doubt you waited eagerly on your 11th birthday for the ever-so-slim chance of receiving that Hogwarts letter. Visiting an entirely Harry Potter themed place seems like the ultimate dream come true! I will be travelling to Japan next year, but I'll give the Universal Studios there a miss, to experience the full-blown American version instead. One day.

3. Climb Mont Kinabalu 

South East Asia's tallest mountain sits in my own country, boldly peaking at 4095 kilometres above sea level. I have aspired to climb this mountain for a long, long time, but have never made the decision to just.. go for it! I feel like it's the sort of thing that you need to simply decide to do, then train for it, then go. I keep waiting for my body to reach some sort of 'optimum fitness level' when in reality, like any exam, if you sign up, prepare for it, your body will be ready if need be!

4. Ride on a hot air balloon 

Hot air balloons rides strike me as massively romantic, straight out of a fantasy. Imagine drifting amongst the clouds over the sunset, colourful balloons floating all around, a view of the sunset/sunrise in the distance. A pink sky perhaps? Maybe a slight breeze.. Yep, we've definitely entered fantasy territory. So maybe I won't get my perfectly coloured sky. And maybe I won't get to choose the colours of the balloons around me. But I would love to ride on a hot air balloon just once! I think it'll really be an experience!

5. Publish a book

You readers know I've been writing for years and years and years. At this point, I've been writing for an audience for more than half my life. I've always wanted to write - whether its made-up stories of made-up characters, or whether its just my thoughts on this space - there's always been a lot of words inside of me and a childhood dream of mine was to see them in a book, something to hold and pass on. And though self-publishing is an option, I want the validation of writing something publishers want to get hold of. I just need to figure out what. And then, sit down to write. No big deal. Ahem.

6. Take a Certification in Chocolate Tasting

I almost forgot about wanting to do this, but glanced through this chocolate cafe review post and saw this bucket list item on it! For those who are interested too, there are different "levels" to a chocolate-tasting certification, beginning with Level 1 and progressing up to Level 3. There are combined Level 1 & 2 courses (which, if I finally do this, will be what I'll start with!) and the closest to Malaysia I can get it done is in Thailand or Hong Kong. It's probably one of those things that I'll do entirely out of passion rather than a desire to enter any sort of academic or professional chocolate career - but the world's my oyster!


And that, folks, is my bucket list so far! A short one. A simple one? Yet goals and things that I could realistically achieve if I set my mind to it. It's not lofty - I've always been wary of dreaming too big, but I think it's really something to write these down. Items like climbing a mountain and writing a book have always been #lifegoals for me, but writing it with a hashtag can be semi-ironic, and writing it as a bucket list just makes it all the more real. 

The reason I started this post was because, as the title suggests, I did something that wasn't on my bucket list, but now that I've tried it, think it's definitely a bucket list thing! And it got me thinking about bucket lists in general, hence the post. 

So for the sake of a complete list...

7. Try on a gold mask ✔

Boy oh boy, was that an experience. 

Feeling like a million bucks! 

ID.AZ isn't new to you readers who saw my post Working on those wrinkles with ID.AZ but its sheet mask range was certainly new to me. When presented with the opportunity to try their masks, after how happy I was with their Sleeping Pack, I jumped at it. They sent us a range of masks such as their Water-Fit Mask (in blue), Bright-Fit Mask (in white) and the star of the show, their Gold-Fit Mask (in gold, of course!).

I initially started off trying their Water-Fit and Bright-Fit masks (retailing at RM12.90 each) and found them packed with essence, a great size for an Asian face, and had an amazing premium mesh lining on it to make it easier to adhere to your face. I was already very pleased with the feel of the masks and would place it in the same quality range or better than the popular Korean Mediheal NMF sheet masks (of which I bought many boxes of in my last trip to Hong Kong hehe and am a big fan of). Its key ingredients are some good stuff, and range from pearl extract and berry complex for the brightening mask and hydrolyzed collagen and seawater for the water-fit mask. 

By now, you would think that the good moisturiser and sheet masks would've prepared me for how good the gold mask would be.

But no.

It did not.

I was not prepared.


Oh, man, guys. This mask is definitely a pre-wedding kind of mask. Or a pre-big event kind of mask. It's one of those things that make you look CRAZY but amazing at the same time. And when I looked at myself in the mirror, it felt so surreal that I knew it was definitely a bucket list thing. Because the mask was so opaque and adhered so well to the face, it looked so seamless that I felt like a robot-android. RM19.90 per mask is not too expensive to try at least once. And if you take pictures, which I'm sure you will, tag me @talkatiffy on Instagram! 

The mask's key ingredients comprise of honey, propolis, royal jelly, red ginseng and REAL GOLD. It's hydrogel so you don't get any drip with this, and it's remarkably adhesive. I stuck mine in the fridge before use and was met with a calming, cooling sensation on my face. The after effects of the mask weren't as crazy or mind-blowing as actually having the mask on my face, but it was moisturising and I was all glowy! 

I sealed it all in with my ID.AZ moisturiser from months back and woke up the next morning with supple, moist skin.  

That post mask glow

So maybe this isn't your typical beauty review, but then again, these aren't your typical range of masks! A shout-out to ID.AZ and The Butterfly Project for the experience. 

In the meantime, I'll get working on my list. To make all those into reality, it sounds like some hustle is in order! Wish me luck. 
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