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Monday, December 30, 2019
Can you believe it? 2019 is almost over and we're on a cusp of not only a new year, but a whole new decade! Being in my mid-twenties, the past 10 years have truly been formative. I tried putting myself in the shoes of 2005 Tiffany to see if I am proud of who I've become, and truly, I can't do it. My life has pivoted and pivoted and pivoted into something beyond my imagination and although I always pegged myself as a dreamer and a creative, somehow at the age of 15, being in my mid-twenties was so far into the future that I could simply not imagine how it would be. 

Certainly I never envisioned being a champion of skincare. I was genetically blessed with good skin and throughout highschool, it was something I easily took for granted. In my early twenties after having returned from university in the UK, the drastic change in weather and adulthood hormones (ugh) gave me the worst breakout of my life, with huge zits across my forehead and mouth, weekly soreness and eyebags that wouldn't go away. To be honest, I was in denial for a couple of months, thinking it would all go away if I just left my skin alone. 

News flash, avoidance was not the answer. 

I later invested some time in an elaborate skincare routine (which you've probably read about here already so I won't go into any more detail) and when I noticed improvement, I was hooked! I now derive comfort from my morning and night time routine, and have happily brought back my skin into a nice stable balance. It is only with this stability that I have happily embarked on this skincare review journey, which you've seen glimpses of every now and then on this site. Trust me, you do not want to be messing around with different sorts of products if your skin has not calmed down. You need to take some deliberate time with products in order to see if they work for you, and if you are constantly attacking your skin with a plethora of different things, it is unlikely that you will see the results you want - because you're confused honey, and so is your skin.

Lecture aside, I am here to introduce the latest product I've reviewed - the Kitohana Night Cream. Literally only one of you have asked for this, but I'm giving it to you anyway,  and here's the process I go through to review a product. 

1. Looks

Okay, this probably seems the least important of all, but the way a product looks is the first thing you notice. Part of the review work involves explaining that first-impression look and feel of a product. 

If you're handling a hefty solid glass bottle, it may feel expensive and look luxe on your bedstand, but it's not going to be a practical product to take when travelling. If it's colourful and cute, maybe it'll be a good gift for your girlfriends, but for that pal of yours that's accustomed to fancy adult products like SK-II or Lamer, it'll be tough trying to get her to try a new product that seems a little too cute-sy to be more than a novelty. 


For Kitohana's night cream, I was pretty impressed with the PR box they sent. Some companies just stuff it in a bag and mail it over, so when you get a pretty package to unbox, it shows you that the company, at the very least, is interested in optics and therefore, are more likely to make an aesthetic product. This later helps if you're planning to make a gift of it or just simply want something nice for yourself. 

The bottle itself comes in its own box, is super lightweight (so easy to take when travelling!) and has a gorgeous frosty glass, that won't mess with your minimalist aesthetic. 

2. Ingredients

This is something that I've only recently learned to do thanks to my more experienced Instagrammer friends but checking out the ingredients of a product can be really useful to help you assess the quality of the product. Bear in mind though that sometimes, you can find products that will have surprisingly poor effects or surprisingly effective results on you despite its ingredients. One site I use is

According to the site, Kitohana's night cream has these highlights: 

#alcohol-free #fragrance & essential oil-free

Key Ingredients

Its website further breaks down that Sodium Hyalurunate and Sodium PCA work to deeply moisturize and vitamin E promotes healing and cellular turnover. Collagen enhances firmness and elasticity while Argireline tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.  An abundance of antioxidants from pomegranate seed oil and vitamin C fight free radicals and deliver a brightening, youth-boosting action.

3. Actual use 

THIS is the part that takes the 'work' but it is also the most enjoyable. Actually reviewing it! 

For some background information, on a general basis, I use Laneige's Water Bank as my daily morning moisturiser and before I go to bed, I use the ID.AZ Sleeping Pack. If I'm reviewing a product, I stick to my normal routine but swap out one of the products for the one I'm trying. I'll do this for at least two weeks to a month to give it a fair chance. 

For the Kitohana product, my verdict is..


Love is a strong word, but I was really happy with the way my skin felt using this product. I initially started using it as a night cream, as that's what the product's for, but I soon realised how quickly it absorbs into my skin, so it became really suitable to use in the day as well. Before I realised it, I was using it as my sole moisturiser for over a week, even preferring it to my usual products on some days. 

I'm currently spending a lot of time at home in preparation for an exam I will be taking in January. This means a lot less exposure to airconditioning from the office (weirdly enough, I like to sit in the heat - no fan, no aircond) and less exposure to skin-drying pollutants from going outdoors. The Kitohana product is the perfect product for some lightweight moisturising that packs a punch. 

From the moment you slather it onto your face, it absorbs very very quickly, which is not usually what happens with night cream, and your skin will feel significantly more plump and moisturised immediately after. However, if you have dry skin or are exposed to dry air or a lot of aircond, this product may be better off as your morning moisturiser and you stick with your heavy-duty work for the night time. 

I don't recommend this for those with super dry skin because it may not be effective enough for you, but for my combination skin, I found it worked perfectly! In fact, in my view, it works even better than the SK-II moisturiser I bought. 

If you watch those celebrity night time routines, you'll find that rarely do they use products from only one line. I think it's somehow kind of impossible to get that perfect line-up of products and you will have to mix and match between different brands to get the right one. 

So if you're looking to try something new (and relatively unheard of), BUT something that I promise you, feels super good on your skin, do consider the Kitohana Night Cream! 

At RM85 per bottle, it's a worthwhile purchase! 

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