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Saturday, May 30, 2020
I have a confession to make: I have never had a flat stomach. I was the kind of baby that had adorable rolls of fat throughout my body, and although it was very cute in my youth, as I got older, these rolls of fat, especially over my abdomen, never quite went away. And I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with stubborn belly fat. Whenever I experienced periods of weight loss, I retained persistent fat at my outer thighs and belly area. Targeted fat loss is one of the most difficult things to achieve as our bodies are more likely to burn fat throughout when someone loses weight. Many people feel that they have to resort to surgical methods in order to achieve the aesthetic results they are looking for.

Thanks to Ozhean A.M. Clinic, I was able to put that to the test. I underwent their FIT Laser Slimming Program, which took into account my individual issues with targeted fat loss and used a combination of various non-surgical and non-invasive methods to achieve the desired effects. I went through this program over a period of time, and saw actual weight loss and changes in my body. In order to give a good picture of how dramatic the changes were, my overall body fat percentage dropped by 7% and I lost approximate 3cm around my belly! For weight that's been stubborn for a long time, this was a real significant milestone. 

The biggest difference can be seen in my body fat percentage, which I believe reduced so significantly because the treatments provided had fat burning outcomes. I’ll share about each procedure and the experience for each part. 

Easy123 PRO Supplement 

Throughout the program, I consistently consumed a health drink with apple fibre and cranberry known as Easy123 PRO. This is not my first time consuming a health drink as I had a period of constantly consuming a moringa health drink for my digestion. This experience with Easy123 PRO was not unfamiliar. I am very conscious about consuming laxatives or non-natural powdered formulas, but I did not have anything to worry about in relation to Easy123 PRO.

I have often experienced bloating after heavy meals and because of the fairly sedentary lifestyle I live and my penchant for oily food, I am extremely gassy. My doctor has told me to incorporate more probiotics and prebiotics in my life to improve my gut health and I do have yogurt on a fairly regular basis. However, only after I started taking Easy123 PRO did I realise how poorly regulated my digestive system was. 

As you may be aware, probiotics help our bodies to flush our toxics and keep a healthy balance of microflora in our gut, which is key to boosting the immune system. PREbiotics, on the other hand, are just as important in developing a healthy immune system as they nourish intestinal good bacteria while creating a hostile environment for bad bacteria. In an ideal system, we wouldn’t need any help with probiotics and prebiotics because our bodies are meant to do all the hard work on its own. Unfortunately, there are many external hindrances which stop our bodies from performing optimally and we can see these show up as stomach upsets or constipation, poor skin, lethargy, frequent sickness, bad breath and foul mood. 

In my case, the first day I took a sachet of Easy123 PRO, I was immediately drawn to its sweet, fruity flavour. But to my extreme alarm, within 3 hours, I got horrible stomach cramps and had to go to the toilet very urgently. At risk of sharing way too much, I had very loose stools and had such an uncomfortable poop that I was reluctant to drink it again the next day. My immediate thought was: are you sure this isn’t a laxative? 

However, after taking it for another two days, I changed my mind completely! It was like a cleanse my body so badly needed. I felt so comfortable and light, more so than I had in months. My body felt like it purged out all the trapped oils and gunk that I’d ingested and I no longer had cramps. Whenever I ate something very oily or heavy in the day, I would be able to pass motion comfortably and completely. Honestly, dear readers, there’s nothing that frees your body up like a good bowel cleanse and having Easy123 PRO as part of the program meant that my weight wasn’t so dramatically different between the morning and night as I was able to flush out all the undigested food so well. 

Packed with natural dietary fibres and superfoods such as goji berries, mangosteen, cranberries, passionfruit and oranges, I felt more energetic throughout the day and did not fall sick even once. As the drink dissolves easily in cold water, I found it a suitable substitute for my usual morning fruit juice. 

LeShape laser 

As I mentioned above, I have stubborn belly fat that I wanted to remove. This is where the LeShape laser came in. It was a non-invasive treatment that left no damage on my skin, had zero downtime and gave me immediate and more importantly, permanent results. The LeShape treatment works by delivering thermal energy to fat cells, ultimately breaking them down. Your body then removes these fat cells through the lymphatic system. 

Although I was warned that it could be very painful for some, I did not have a difficult experience with it at all. I was comfortable enough to read while the laser treatment was ongoing and felt relaxed as the laser zapped my fat away. Honestly, if you’re comparing this and hours and hours of exercise, it goes without saying that the LeShape laser is most certainly the easy way out.

The process looks intimidating but is fairly simple. After they spread numbing jelly on the targeted area, they attach special lasers to the specific area and turn on the machine. Ozhean A.M. Clinic gave me a blanket and made the process as comfortable as they could. 

Tried it on my outer thighs too

Although I did feel a very warm, almost hot sensation as the laser was working, the most noticeable feeling is the tightness that comes afterwards, almost like how you feel after a very intense ab workout. When the laser was applied to my outer thighs, I hardly felt a thing, so bear in mind that the sensation may differ across different targeted areas. 

There was no downtime after the treatment and I was able to immediately go out for lunch and meet my friends without any change in activity. This makes it a very easy treatment that makes it sufficiently subtle to incorporate if discretion is your priority. 


Shockwave comes after the laser treatment and although it may sound strange, it is a very enjoyable part of the program for me. In short, shockwave uses acoustic waves to enhance body contouring and reduces cellulite by breaking down fat cells. It also provides a lymphatic drainage effect that promotes body detoxification. 

What this meant was that every time I left Ozhean A.M. Clinic after a session, for the two weeks following my visit, I would feel incredibly lean. I was never able to put my hand against my belly and feel some firm resistance, but for the first time in years, I could! This was a huge encouragement for me when I later kickstarted my own exercise regime because I felt that I just had to maintain the firmness rather than work hard to remove the layers of fat first. 

To go into more detail of how shockwave feels, I would liken it to the feeling of being mildly massaged from within. The shockwaves penetrate your body and reaches deep to soothe the areas post laser. 

Fat Mesolipolysis 

If you are like me, then the treatments above may have raised no alarms. However, like me, when it comes to injections such as the fat mesolipolysis, you may have more concerns. 

Within the aesthetic world, mesolipolysis is a known as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Instead of surgically removing fat from your body, a fluid is injected which promotes body metabolism and fat burn. It also promotes skin tightening with the process of fat burn, so you aren’t left with loose skin at the end. 

I was given a treatment of this for my stubborn belly fat and the combination of all the solutions above led to a noticeable improvement in my tummy bulge. Whilst I cannot confirm which in particular proved to be most effective, I am safe in the knowledge that all the above are authorised and administered by licensed doctors. 

FIT Laser Slimming Program 

Now that I have introduced the various components, allow me to share a little more about the entire experience of this slimming program. When you first step into Ozhean A.M. Clinic, you are immediately made to feel welcome by their friendly staff, who are happy to bring you tea as you register. As with all healthcare facilities, they do seek some information about your medical history before you are brought to a doctor who will assess your condition. 

Every person is subject to a different regime and a different combination of the above treatments. For instance, although I may have gone for fat mesolipolysis and LeShape laser, you may only require LeShape laser. Some factors they consider include age, stubbornness of the fat, location of targeted fat loss and medical history as examined by the doctor. 

I was very clearly briefed of the risks involved with each treatment, and it was very comforting to know that some of the staff working have experienced the use of the above treatments themselves. They were able to share their first-hand experience which made me much more comfortable to proceed. 

The frequency of visits throughout the program is also fairly flexible. Due to demands of my work schedule, I was only able to visit them at certain times on a weekend, and they took that into consideration when planning my program. Similarly, if you have a ‘weight loss objective’ such as a wedding or some sort of occasion, they would be able to advise you on how often you should see them as well as how much time you should wait between each session. After all, safety is a priority and I really got the sense that they were invested in not only my weight loss, but my overall wellbeing and health as well.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to lose weight in stubborn areas, this Fit Laser Slimming Program is certainly an option. I love how this was not a one-size-fits-all solution, but truly one that is customisable based on your need and situation. Although I was invited to participate in the FIT Laser Slimming Program by Ozhean A.M. Clinic, the views above are all of my own and I later returned as a paying customer for their other services.


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