How I decided to start a YouTube channel.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
So about 9 months ago, I decided to take the plunge and launch a YouTube channel. It has been something on the cusp of my mind for a while as it would allow me to do what I enjoy best: share experiences! It was pretty intimidating - we've all seen the YouTube 'stars' we know encounter some sort of scandal or drama for saying things they shouldn't or for having parts of their videos replayed out of context. In this regard, it seemed a little risky to start in my 20s. 

However, I have been making videos for years on my Instagram with my #talkatiff series and I did already feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera. All that's left to do was to ... well, do it!

I was fortunate to be able to enlist a help of a good friend of mine, Jerry, to kickstart the editing journey and very soon, the first video was released  - a shopping haul from Bangkok. 

This was then followed by the beginning of a series I called #weekendfun, in an attempt to accord the videos some structure. It proved unsustainable to do that period because I frankly, was not doing enough fun things over these weekends. 

Fast forward to 2020 and recently, I've been consistently uploading once a week or very close to once a week. I learned some basic video editing of my own over a weekend and with some trial and error as well as some advice, I have managed to fill the gaps between the more 'difficult edits' which Jerry still does and simpler ones which I do. It's made the whole YouTube journey so much more sustainable and enjoyable. 

It has been a slow climb, with my first milestone target at 100 subscribers still unattained with me at 93 as of today. But it's close and I'm getting into more into the groove of recording and producing videos.

I used to view it this way in terms of content creation: 

But I think after working on all of them for some period of time, they are all pretty similar in terms of 'difficulty'. The level of creativity, however, differ. Not because of the platform, as I once wrongly believed, but because of the type of content I want to create differs between the platforms. 

With that being said, I'm very glad that the fear and aversion of making my own videos have disappeared with practice. I thought to document it here to hopefully see where I'd be, YouTube-wise, in a year. 

Till next time!

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