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Friday, October 15, 2021
I'm forcing this blog out of its desire for early retirement to share some great news - not just for me and my team, but for you too!

COVID-19 came with its insane share of 'new normal' that we had to get accustomed to. From daily mask wearing and meals in isolation to frequent sanitisation and work from home culture, we've had to adapt and change with the times in a way that was well... wait for it... unprecedented. 

Some Changes

With that being said, some of the 'new normal' are things I wished have always been normal. For instance, personal space. I'm very happy that it's come to be completely accepted that strangers who brush against you in an elevator deserve the glare of death, and that meetings do not always need to be in person to get things done. 

Other improvements come with the innovation we've seen. Restaurants are a lot better with handling reservations in order to maintain the physical crowd in a restaurant, while the growth of food delivery platforms (hello, Air Asia Food & Shopee Food!) means more choice for consumers, better discounts and all in all, a general improvement in food logistics nationwide.

Healthcare Industry in Malaysia

It was a particularly interesting time to be working in the healthcare industry. As people became more cautious, from the private hospital angle, we were seeing a fall in numbers from those coming for general health screening. But, as a result of both the abandonment of general health maintenance and COVID-19, we were also seeing an increase in hospitalization and admissions as a whole throughout the industry. 

The solution, of course, wasn't to force people to start going out again to hospitals, but to increase the availability and awareness of health maintenance. One way is to encourage better lifestyle habits through food and exercise. Another way is to make health assessments more accessible at a distance. And for those who do require more comprehensive screenings more suitable to be done only at hospitals, hospitals should then play their part to keep operations running as smooth as possible with appropriate SOP in place, and prioritising quicker screenings that funnel the more serious for further comprehensive checks. 

Let's Talk About Home Care
Traditional healthcare industry aside, it then became really obvious that there needed to be a better way for people to receive care, without subjecting themselves to risk of exposure. I mean, from a purely non-COVID-19 angle as well, there's also something incredibly comforting about being in your home turf when needing to face what would normally be considered a 'scary' or 'troublesome' experience of seeing a doctor, getting stitches removed, or getting physiotherapy done. 

This is where Locum Home comes in. The team has been tirelessly facilitating over 300,000 vaccination doses throughout the pandemic with Locum Apps and realised that as we were building up this database of nurses and doctors throughout the country, there was this big availability for care to be provided throughout various sites. Even better if this care was able to be provided in homes.

Unfortunately, many home care providers consist of retired nurses, ex-nurses or even those without any medical qualification at all. Locum Home stands apart by being a system which works alongside the current app used to staff hospitals and clinics. I hope you find that as comforting as I do! 

World Spine Week
In conjunction with World Spine Week which is celebrated to highlight the importance of spinal health and well being, I thought I could make this post a little more informative for those who've read all the way here. 

First thing's first:

Our spines are very important. They keep us flexible and mobile, and allow us to stand, sit, bend twist, and contort our bodies into whatever position we find comfortable. 

That's why spinal injuries are super scary and we do have to take our back health pretty seriously. 
To be honest, I have awful posture. I slouch at any possible moment, sit at most certainly non-ergonomic positions in the office due to my low laptop and unwillingness to splurge on a desktop, and my overextended phone use has left me with mild carpal tunnel, back pain, and general aches whenever I wake up in the morning.

However, those who follow me on Instagram should recall a period of time where post-ligament repair surgery, I was attending physiotherapy regularly for several months. There, my posture was corrected, muscles were strengthened and despite the surgery, my gait returned to normalcy within months. Now, besides the unsightly scars on my left foot, there's really no indication that I'd once had a ruptured ligament. 

Despite my injury being at my foot, it actually caused a significant impact on the rest of my body. My hips were misaligned for a while after the surgery and due to that, my posture deteriorated further. One injury led to overcompensation on another part of my body to keep balance, and ultimately, my back felt the brunt of it. 

Regular Home Care

A large proportion of Malaysians do not have the habit of undergoing regular health screening. Usually, by the time that the start seeking for diagnosis or treatment, they would have most likely advanced into later stages of their condition, making treatment take longer and cost more. 

How many of us have had an injury from sports or simply from carelessness that we've left unattended? Long time readers know how often I sprained my ankle and how I would just hop from place to place instead of actively trying to resolve it. 

I truly believe that if home care was as easily accessible as booking a ride on Grab, there would be fewer people with severe injuries and speedier service. 

Locum Home - Faster, Easier and Safer

Locum Home introduces a new homecare concept where we extend home care services to serve many needs, including confinement, physiotherapy, nursing and elderly. 

Services are given faster due to the reduced need for people to survey around to hire a good doctor/nurse/caregiver as it is all provided in Locum Home app. 

Services are easier due to us bringing the care right to your doorstep. We help people to save time and money with lesser travelling cost and hospitalization care fees. 

Moreover, as one can store their medical history in the app which lets hired medical staff to review,  our Locum staff will be able to give better care. Services are safer as each staff are manually validated and selected by WeAssist team to ensure that only qualified or experienced medical practitioners are allowed in our staff team. 

Okay thank you for reading after my long disappearance.

Locum Home is open for pre-registration right now, head to https://www.locumhomecare.com/ to pre-register now.

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